maj 04, 2009

J, Jo, Jog, Jogg, Joggi, Joggin, JOGGING

Since one week in time, or to be more exact 11 days I have been jogging for 30 minutes or so everyday. But today I don´t think I can do it. I am so tired + I have a headache.
Is it okey to rest for one day? :D I think so...

Iam probably going to write a lot about my excercise, food and weight. Because that´s just a part of me;) Iam trying to get more fit, eat healthier and lose some weight.

maj 03, 2009


Since I´ve found so many blogs in English I just thought I had to have one of my own aswell.

I have a blog in Swedish aswell, but since the world is much bigger if talking/writing in English that´s what I gonna do. Iam thinking of translating some of my Swedish posts and put them here aswell.
But not now, maybe soon:)