februari 20, 2010

Knee pads

Yesterday we were walking around in the mall as a homeless couple. Meaning we were walking around for hours without shopping anything. Well as usual we ended up at the baby things section. I love looking at mini baby sneakers and baby socks. I just think they are so incredibly cute! We walked through it and ended up among bottles, mugs, baby hair brushes and combs etc and some other funny items as for example knee pads for crawling babies. My first reaction was: LAUGHTER! I thought it was so funny and silly and wondered who would really buy knee pads to their baby.. Maybe it's just me but at first I thought it was incredibly ridiculous. But then I got reminded of how hard the floors are here. They are hard as stone, I know how it hurts my knees when I kneal down to pray. They make sounds everytime and hurts because of the hard floor. So knee pads, I guess, isn't such a bad idea after all.

Picture found on google.se

februari 18, 2010

We had some friends over yesterday

It was pretty nice eventhough the wifey only speaks french and arabic. I don't speak french and I don't like to talk arabic anymore... Or well I haven't been speaking arabic for about 4 months. I almost forgot how :P Not that I was speaking a lot of arabic during my stay in Lebanon, but I did listen to it everyday all day long and I had to speak arabic sometimes. But now, just the thought of having to speak arabic makes me feel awkward. Anyway it was pretty nice and I enjoyed the 2 hours or so visit. When they left they told me to keep in touch and if I ever wanted to go somewhere while my hubby is at work I could just call the wifey and go out with her since she has her own personal driver. If I will take her up on her offer I'd be challenged to talk arabic with her. I'm pretty sure I would, if only me and her around, she would do her best to try to understand me and she would(hopefully) not make fun of me.
Those who make fun of me don't mean to be cruel I understand that but it still makes me hesitate to speak.

The beat-up

Did you hear/read about the beat-up of the 15 year old girl in Seattle? And the 3 security guards not helping her?? I saw it on "Msn today". Google it! here's one link to the video  click here
It's awful how all of those people standing around watching 3-4 other persons beating up a 15 year old and even continuining beating her even as she lies defenceless on the ground.


angie nader said...

oh your in KSA now? do you really feel yourself breathing sand?

Yes I have been here since october. When I first arrived I think it took 2 weeks or so to get used to the dusty air. My nose was bothering me and sometimes even bleeding because of it. Now my nose got used to it and I don't notice that it's sand-dust we are breathing, unless when it's windy and more sand-dust than usual blows into the home through ventilation. I feel the smell of sand and feel the air I'm breathing really thick and dry. It's awful, I hate it!

angie nader sa...

now im reminded of watermelon...and there is none here :(
we all go through uninspiring times... recently ive been feeling so drained and depressed...its trully pathetic! haha
take your time...i love reading your blog!
you always talk about the common things in life and i love it!

Haha batikha/watermelon is my favorite =) I hope you feel better soon, it's difficult times when we are feeling like that but life is a rollercoaster with its ups and downs. Thank you so much for your comment, I'm happy you LOVE it, love is a big word =) I'll try to update more often, if I have something to write about ;)

februari 15, 2010

To Batikha and my other readers

I've lost my inspiration for this blog. It just feels as if I don't want to blog because "I have nothing to say" kind of. But keep visiting me sooner or later it will be filled with new blogposts, God willing =)

februari 07, 2010

It was a tough night

I woke up around 2 from a very familiar sound. The sound of rain smashing on the windows. I woke up with a smile. I went to the livingroom to look out the window, hoping I'll see big raindrops on the window. All I saw was the trees swinging back and forth and no rain. Not even ONE raindrop.

I never could imagine sand on the window could sound so much like raindrops. I went back, disappointed, to my bed. After a while the scent of dust/sand reached my nose. I felt like I was suffocating, I don't want to breathe SAND!!! It was such an awful night, and I hope I'll get to sleep tonight breathing air not sand.... I hope hope hope hope hope hope so.

februari 02, 2010

Windy and sooo much sand everywhere

Ye, I guess you can say that we have sandstorms here. And guess what? Yes exactly, I cleaned the whole home yesterday. Can you tell today? No of course not, there lies cm thick layer of sand on the floor.
Great, just GREAT!!!!!!!!