februari 20, 2010

Knee pads

Yesterday we were walking around in the mall as a homeless couple. Meaning we were walking around for hours without shopping anything. Well as usual we ended up at the baby things section. I love looking at mini baby sneakers and baby socks. I just think they are so incredibly cute! We walked through it and ended up among bottles, mugs, baby hair brushes and combs etc and some other funny items as for example knee pads for crawling babies. My first reaction was: LAUGHTER! I thought it was so funny and silly and wondered who would really buy knee pads to their baby.. Maybe it's just me but at first I thought it was incredibly ridiculous. But then I got reminded of how hard the floors are here. They are hard as stone, I know how it hurts my knees when I kneal down to pray. They make sounds everytime and hurts because of the hard floor. So knee pads, I guess, isn't such a bad idea after all.

Picture found on google.se

3 kommentarer:

  1. thats cute! i would have never thought something like that could be usefull...but i guess no carpet= knee pads.

  2. thats how it is every day they launch new product in the market and new ideas...but i think this one is useful....i know that very well from my knees)

  3. angie nader: ye and especially when such hard floors as we have here! aotch

    batikha: so did you buy yourself a pair of knee pads yet?