februari 02, 2010

Windy and sooo much sand everywhere

Ye, I guess you can say that we have sandstorms here. And guess what? Yes exactly, I cleaned the whole home yesterday. Can you tell today? No of course not, there lies cm thick layer of sand on the floor.
Great, just GREAT!!!!!!!!

6 kommentarer:

  1. you got to live here to know what a sandstorm really is. i hate it when you hate to clean everything all over again cuz of the dust. i want to live in a place whith no dust :)

  2. wafa': where is "here" ? :) ah, i checked your blogger profile just now. seems your "here" is same as my "here". meaning we are both living in Saudi hehehe
    the sandstorm wasnt even very aggressive... i dont even wanna be here when the sandstorms "from hell" comes.... :(
    i want to live in sweden, you only have to dust now and then, it doesnt get so dirty as here ;)

  3. Fast jag är rätt så trött på att städa salt-sanden som dras in nu när det är snö hela tiden. Det går inte att få rent nu heller här.

  4. ilona: jo det förstås. fast det kan ju stoppas genom att lägga matta/tidningar eller liknande vid ingången och se till att alla tar av sig ytterkläderna. När det var sånt oväder brukade vi få ta av oss skor och overaller osv i trappen... sandstorm är verkligen värre eftersom den kommer inomhus och du sitter och måste andas in den. :(

  5. i only experianced a sand storm 1 time...i think it was 2004, Beirut...we were outside and the wind started to burn hot..and at first we didnt really know what it was..but it was sand that traveled all the way from the sahara(leb doesnt have a dessert)...it only lasted the evening..but when i returned home from my uncles...i had to wash everything down.

    i seen youtubes of the saudia storms...and i'd be so scarred

  6. angie: ye any kind of storms arent fun.... but sandstorms in perticular i mean its not only wind blowing around =( thank God I wasnt here when it was a HUUUUUUUUGE sandstorm last year