januari 30, 2010


I got an award from Jigartala. Thank you so much! I have no idea in what category but anyways LOL.

When you get it you're supposed to write 7 things about yourself and also give it away to 7 others and "link them".
So here we go. 7 things about myself:

1. I was dressed in black veil and black abaya for couple of years. Then I stopped and now I'm back in the black abaya-because of where I'm living. I don't wear it because I want too. Nothing wrong with it though, I believe it's everyone's choice to wear what they want.

2. Even though I love reading books I can't remember when I read one last.

3. Some movies I have seen them for about 100 times but still want to watch them if they are on TV. Like "Grease" and "Dirty dancing".

4. When I'm watching a movie on TV and it's commercial time, I change channel with the hopes of "Tom & Jerry" being shown on another channel , hahaha.

5. I HATE commercial breaks.

6. I often take quick decisions even though I really need to think them over. Trying to change that though :)

7. My biggest dream is to live and work in Sweden and spend vacations abroad in let's say: Lebanon.

Here's 7 GREAT bloggers:

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3 kommentarer:

  1. thank you for the challenge :) I will do it :D

  2. Jag läser inte ens bloggar...men jag får väl försöka skriva nåt själv i alla fall.

  3. ive never been tagged before :) thanks.