januari 23, 2010

Just thinking...

When I was a teenager I had a dream about adopting a black baby and raise it by myself. I couldn't imagine myself being married. I wanted to be pregnant and have children, but I never wanted to give birth haha.
Okey of course I didn't wish to get pregnant at that age, but it was like a dream of the future for me.

What did you dream about as teenagers?

5 kommentarer:

  1. children are the greatest gift!

  2. När jag var ung. Såg såg jag mig själv som enstamståeende med massor av barn.Egna och adopterade.... Konstigt hur man tänkte då?? Jag såg dina föräldrar på Väla igår.....o du var inte med....=(

  3. angie: indeed...
    ilona: ja jag tycker man hade många konstiga tankar i tonåren hahaha. Åh vad trevligt! Nä så vitt jag vet var jag inte med hehehehehe. Kanske en annan gång ;)

  4. When i was like 12 or 14 i also wanted 2 adopt a kid + having my own kids :)
    I always thought its such a great thing 2 adopt a child even before i entered islam i wanted 2 do so.

  5. ye this was also a dream i had before entering islam(it has nothing to do with it i guess)))