januari 11, 2010

How do you eat avocados?

I just ate one. It was delicious. We bought 3 pieces like a week ago. I cut one open too early so I had to throw it away. But this one, mmmm it was so soft and creamy. The best way, the ONLY way, to eat it is with lemon juice and salt. Some may not agree, and that's fine by me...How do you eat avocados?

Now I'm going to put on some music and start cleaning up. I've been so tired lately and household work has been laid aside. By lately I mean for about 2 months.... I hope I'll shapen up soon.

Malcolm X, the movie, is on TV right now. But when it started I had just woken up and wasn't at all in the mood to watch such a "heavy" movie. I wish I'd watched it from the beginning it seems to be an interesting movie. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get another chance someday :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. i eat my avacados with leamon and salt to...my husband thinks its gross.
    he eats his with sugar. i tell him hes eating a face mask :)

  2. angie: hahaha face mask! you're so right ;) well i do know some people who eat the avocado with honey(almost the same as sugar :P sweet :S) avocado, lemon and salt is the only way (H)

  3. Avocado on toast (like butter) with a fried egg and salt n pepper! to die for