december 26, 2009

An advice from me

Don't bake in the evening(or at any time for that matters) if you'll be too tired to clean up afterwards when you're done... 

Less tired today :)

I went to bed at 9 oclock last night. But I couldn't fall asleep immediately, but I got a surprise in the morning. I was "allowed" to turn the alarm off. Yey!!!! So we got couple of hours more sleep. So today Iam feeling pretty normal with minimum sleepiness :)

I've just ate breakfast, 2 wholegrain toasts with jam and cheese and a mug of nescafe.
I'm going to take a shower now and get ready because soon my cellphone will be ringing and my husband will ask me to go down meet him in the parkinglot. We are going to visit some friends.
It's thursday today and that means weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After lunch which was so delicious I got started arranging the home. Made the bed and mopped the floor. Just now I hanged the newly washed bedsheets to dry and I'm going to rest for a while before I get started with the dishes. I don't have a lot of dishes to do but only the thought of it makes me tired.

So what are you all doing on the day before christmas eve? I know that my parents are decorating right now or are already done. Because this is the day for it. As they have been doing ever since....Well ever since forever :) I so wish I could be with them... Christmas holiday is such a wonderful time, family gathers and everyone are happy and enjoying everyone's company...........

Christmas has always felt magical to me. It still does, even though Iam a muslim and have been so since 2000. But christmas is special. Christmas is the time of year when my family get together, its dark oand cold utside and cosy and light and warm indoor.. And you just feel so hopeful about life and believe that anything can happen. Anything at all. Whatever you wish for. Magic....


Cut chicken file, cut potato and chop up an onion. Cut a tomato too if you're into those. That's what I did since anyway I needed half of a tomato for the sallad. And to leave half tomato in the refrigerator is..Not a good idea, it just going to be thrown away since it's holiday and we won't be eating at home for the next coming 2 days.

Okey, back to the recipe.

Pour oil in a casseroul, let the oil get warm and put the potato in it. Make sure to move the potato around all the time so it gets "fried" a bit allover. Put in the onion and the tomato pieces. Let them all swet a bit, salt and move around so it doesnt get burned.
Now put in the chicken pieces which you already let roll around in curry, black pepper and salt.
Move everything around and let it swett some more. Then pour in some water and buillon for more taste. Let it boil slowly with a lid for about 15 minutes depending on how big the potato pieces are.
Boil tasteless but salted rice and serve with a sallad.

Bon appetite, I hope we are going to eat very soon because it smells soooooooooooo wonderful and I'm starving.


Mom and dad you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you both so much and Iam so happy and thankful for your greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be "floating on clouds" throughout the rest of the year and next one too!!!!!!
"floating on clouds" ye I know that there is probably no such "saying" in English, but I'm swedish so that's what happens with direct translation in my head :P:P:P

december 23, 2009

Goodmorning y'all

So 8 hours sleep are NOT enough for me. I need to sleeeeeeeeeeep... Zzzzzzzzzz so exhausted...

Well I've had my cup of nescafe so I should get a bit more alert any time soon, or so I hope.

Today I have lots of homework to do. Not actual homework as you get when you are studying, but home work. Work in the home. Really funny things. Like ironing.......

And yes Iam going to do chicken today. But since we don't have things for mograbieh (as if I know how to do it haha) and I don't like molokhiye it's just going to be a chicken n potato spiced with curry and served with rice.

I can't believe it's wednesday already. Tomorrow it's weekend here yey. Tomorrow we are going out to eat, YEEY :D That reminds me, I have to wash the bedsheets today :)

Okey, I better get started... Wish you a nice day!

december 22, 2009

Why do the morning arrive so fast?

Maybe the night won't feel so short if you go to sleep earlier. I guess that's the answer ;)

Well yesterday at 11 I prepared myself and went to bed but I couldn't fall asleep till around 1 oclock. So I got 6 hours sleep. Then I woke up but fell asleep again for another hour then it was time to wake up. Today I'm going to bed earlier. Like now. It's not even 11 in the noon and I want to go to bed/sleep. Hahaha

I haven't done anything today, yet. Oh, just drank nescafe and ate one digestive biscuit. Waw! I better go and get something more to eat. There is a banana lying in the kitchen, poor banana lying there all by itself. But no I ate 3 bananas yesterday so NO MORE BANANAS FOR ME!!! Just can't stand the thought of the mushiness:(

I was actually planning on cooking chicken today. But it feels as if I won't be able to, too tired. And besides I didn't even figure out HOW to cook it, I mean what kind of dish to make of it..... So I'm just gonna do hamburgers and fries since DH said he'd like that today even if we ate that yesterday. We just ate one each because we had some food left from the day before. Okey I just ate hamburger but DH ate fish too :)

Ouf I'm lacking enthusiasim , or however its spelled, about blogging today. I gonna stop, maybe I have something more interesting to say after I got some food in my belly :P
But if you have any tasty recipes that contains chicken, please leave it in the comment field :D:D:D:D

december 21, 2009

I haven't told you this....

But last month I had to experience some rudeness and some lack of security. I was chocked and my DH was surprised I opened my mouth hahaha.

We were sitting in the plane. It was freezing. Really freezing! Like shaking teeth freezing. I asked the flight hostess: Excuse me, can I have a blanket, it's very cold.
Her answer: NO BLANKETS ON BOARD!!!!!!!!
I wish I didn't talk to her because her reply made it much colder. What happened to normal behaviour? A normal answer on a normal question... A perfect answer would be: "Yes of course we do, just a second I'll get one for you". Or the second perfect answer would simply be: "Sorry, unfortunately we don't have blankets on board."

When we got the questionnaire(spelling, dont know:P) about how our trip was and their service etc.
You can bet we told them about the service. And we also told them that since they keep the airplane so cold they could at least supply frozen passengers with blankets....

Returning back the plane was hot and warm :) I'd like to think it was due to our complaint, but I am not that naive..

Diagonnally infront of us was a woman sitting with her toddler. She put him on the seat and put the seatbelt on him. He didn't seem to be able to sit up straight by himself. I was looking at them and thinking to myself, why didn't the mother get a babybelt for her son? I looked at the mother again and realized, maybe she doesn't know english, maybe she doesn't know about the baby belt... Before boarding the plane I heard her telling one of the flight hosts that it was her first plane trip. After worrying for a while I finally asked the hostess while pointing at the little boy: Excuse me, but don't you have babybelt for the baby?
The hostess smiled a bit and said: Oh no, I'm sorry we don't.

My face got red and I could just not believe what she just said. How is it possible? No security for the young ones? OH MY GOD! Iam so not flying with this company when I inshallah get a baby. Or I buy my own babybelt or maybe I could bring the baby's car seat and place it on the plane chair and fasten it with the belt. But I won't fly anywhere without safety for my baby.

What I love about Saudiarabia

The sometimes purple sky and the sliced moon shining strong
Palm trees
Clean nice wide streets
Nice big malls
The birds living in the big tree just outside my window
The birds visiting us everyday, sitting on our window
I do actually, strangely enough, like wearing an abaya when I go out
The food courts in the malls. If you're a group of people wanting to eat together but not everyone wants to eat burger. You'll find indian spicy curry food, pizza, pasta, shawarma, seafood, sushi EVERYTHING in the same place. EXCELLENT!

I like it. A lot

december 20, 2009

It stinks!!!

Ye it really stinks in here. I'm cooking potato and onion.. Hm, neighbours banging on my door any time soon? I hope not.

december 19, 2009

Sweet saturday

My cold is gone, it never developed into the flu, thank God.
I am not sure why, but Iam feeling sleepy all the time... Well that's pretty much as usual, but somehow thing's are feeling different. I guess it's the weather. It's changing, becoming winter.

I am waiting for DH to come home so we can have lunch together. Bamiye, rice and sallad. But I'm not in the mood for food.... But Iam hungry, weird.

So I've cleaned up the flat today, it was a mess. Dust everywhere, but I just couldn't bring myself to clean it up. I have been so tired this last week. Could hardly even get out of bed. But now, thank God, I'm feeling better. Still tired but much much better.

I hope you have a nice weekend

december 13, 2009

13th of december 2009

Yes, unfortunately I still have a cold. I've already sneezed like 500 times today. I woke up at 6 today but forced myself to fall asleep again but at 8 I couldn't wait anymore. I left the bed and went to the bathroom, did the morning routine later to the kitchen and started to prepare for breakfast.
I'm thinking NOT to cook today. Maybe I should just take up some of the things mother in law made for us when we were visiting them? Maybe I should do that and just make some maggi potato and sallad....
Oh I better take my C-vitamine drink and panodil now or Iam pretty sure I'll be fed with it later, as yesterday..:D

december 12, 2009

Too tired

I slept so deeply last night I didn't even hear my cellphone's battery alarm. My husband had to turn the cellphone off. Well after he found it lying under my head and pillow. I didn't hear the alarm ring in the morning today either. I was sleeping so deeply. I'm still feeling tired and my head feels so heavy. Maybe it's a cold. My husband just got well after about a week of the flu.... I hope I don't get sick, it's not been long since last time...

Ouf, the laundry is in the machine getting clean-hopefully, and some dishes are waiting for my care and the house is in big need of dusting and mopping. I better go and do that now and get started with dinner.

Hope you all have a nice day!

december 11, 2009

Did you miss me?

Oh yeah, I'm back at home now. Our place is in real need of cleaning. Big time! But I am not going to do that today because we are going to enjoy the last day of holiday together. And we are planning to move the furnitures around in the bedroom, so I guess it might be some cleaning afterall..
We've had a wonderful holiday with my family inlaw. Lots of tasty food and lost of lack of excercise resulted in a weight gain of 2 kgs during this last 2 weeks! That's not good!!! But Iam getting back to my good old  habits. Wii excercise for an hour, daily and kelloggs special for breakfast. During my stay at dear family inlaw, I requested 2 chocolate croissants everyday. LOOOL!

Today or maybe next week we are going to look/buy a winterjacket/coat for me. When we arrived 2 days ago it was 9 degrees outside. ONLY! But I'm hesitating a bit about the jacket... Do they really wear the jacket UNDER the abaya? I'm not really sure but that's what I expect. When we go out today shopping for groceries it'll be my mission to look for jacketwearing women ;)
I have some other posts to edit but I'll post them later. Probably not today.

I hope you all have had some nice days!

And by the way, I found vanilla sticks at the groceristore in Leb. Yeeeey, so next week I'll be doing my own vanillasugar.

december 02, 2009


I'm spending time with the family in law and celebratring eid that's why I haven't been blogging. But I'm just fine hamdella. Hope you all enjoyed eid and got to spend some nice time with your loved ones.