december 22, 2009

Why do the morning arrive so fast?

Maybe the night won't feel so short if you go to sleep earlier. I guess that's the answer ;)

Well yesterday at 11 I prepared myself and went to bed but I couldn't fall asleep till around 1 oclock. So I got 6 hours sleep. Then I woke up but fell asleep again for another hour then it was time to wake up. Today I'm going to bed earlier. Like now. It's not even 11 in the noon and I want to go to bed/sleep. Hahaha

I haven't done anything today, yet. Oh, just drank nescafe and ate one digestive biscuit. Waw! I better go and get something more to eat. There is a banana lying in the kitchen, poor banana lying there all by itself. But no I ate 3 bananas yesterday so NO MORE BANANAS FOR ME!!! Just can't stand the thought of the mushiness:(

I was actually planning on cooking chicken today. But it feels as if I won't be able to, too tired. And besides I didn't even figure out HOW to cook it, I mean what kind of dish to make of it..... So I'm just gonna do hamburgers and fries since DH said he'd like that today even if we ate that yesterday. We just ate one each because we had some food left from the day before. Okey I just ate hamburger but DH ate fish too :)

Ouf I'm lacking enthusiasim , or however its spelled, about blogging today. I gonna stop, maybe I have something more interesting to say after I got some food in my belly :P
But if you have any tasty recipes that contains chicken, please leave it in the comment field :D:D:D:D

2 kommentarer:

  1. mograbieh...or mloukieh..
    those are my favorites!!

  2. angie: thanks for the suggestion... but i don't know how to do either of them :S I do like mograbieh but molokhiye is ..... Well lets just say I don't like it :)
    If you have a recipe on how to do mograbieh please do share it with me :)