december 26, 2009


Cut chicken file, cut potato and chop up an onion. Cut a tomato too if you're into those. That's what I did since anyway I needed half of a tomato for the sallad. And to leave half tomato in the refrigerator is..Not a good idea, it just going to be thrown away since it's holiday and we won't be eating at home for the next coming 2 days.

Okey, back to the recipe.

Pour oil in a casseroul, let the oil get warm and put the potato in it. Make sure to move the potato around all the time so it gets "fried" a bit allover. Put in the onion and the tomato pieces. Let them all swet a bit, salt and move around so it doesnt get burned.
Now put in the chicken pieces which you already let roll around in curry, black pepper and salt.
Move everything around and let it swett some more. Then pour in some water and buillon for more taste. Let it boil slowly with a lid for about 15 minutes depending on how big the potato pieces are.
Boil tasteless but salted rice and serve with a sallad.

Bon appetite, I hope we are going to eat very soon because it smells soooooooooooo wonderful and I'm starving.

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