december 21, 2009

I haven't told you this....

But last month I had to experience some rudeness and some lack of security. I was chocked and my DH was surprised I opened my mouth hahaha.

We were sitting in the plane. It was freezing. Really freezing! Like shaking teeth freezing. I asked the flight hostess: Excuse me, can I have a blanket, it's very cold.
Her answer: NO BLANKETS ON BOARD!!!!!!!!
I wish I didn't talk to her because her reply made it much colder. What happened to normal behaviour? A normal answer on a normal question... A perfect answer would be: "Yes of course we do, just a second I'll get one for you". Or the second perfect answer would simply be: "Sorry, unfortunately we don't have blankets on board."

When we got the questionnaire(spelling, dont know:P) about how our trip was and their service etc.
You can bet we told them about the service. And we also told them that since they keep the airplane so cold they could at least supply frozen passengers with blankets....

Returning back the plane was hot and warm :) I'd like to think it was due to our complaint, but I am not that naive..

Diagonnally infront of us was a woman sitting with her toddler. She put him on the seat and put the seatbelt on him. He didn't seem to be able to sit up straight by himself. I was looking at them and thinking to myself, why didn't the mother get a babybelt for her son? I looked at the mother again and realized, maybe she doesn't know english, maybe she doesn't know about the baby belt... Before boarding the plane I heard her telling one of the flight hosts that it was her first plane trip. After worrying for a while I finally asked the hostess while pointing at the little boy: Excuse me, but don't you have babybelt for the baby?
The hostess smiled a bit and said: Oh no, I'm sorry we don't.

My face got red and I could just not believe what she just said. How is it possible? No security for the young ones? OH MY GOD! Iam so not flying with this company when I inshallah get a baby. Or I buy my own babybelt or maybe I could bring the baby's car seat and place it on the plane chair and fasten it with the belt. But I won't fly anywhere without safety for my baby.

2 kommentarer:

  1. thats horible!!!!
    customer service is important for repeat customers...i'd never use that airline again!

  2. angie: ye pretty much. I was happy to see that the same hostess was not aboard during our return back home :D well sometimes you don't have a choice. The airline is cheap....