mars 25, 2010

My big plan!

.....was to choose "soup and sallad" at least once a week, remember?
 I failed last week because we were eating at the mall both those days and I couldn't resist my usual cashew chicken and rice - yummi!!!

But today we went to applebees. I ate california soup - delicious, oriental chicken sallad - strange but tasty, and fresh orange juice. That was good right? But we finished the whole meal off with brownie cake and vanilla icecream. Well lets say if I had chosen my usual pasta and cheesesauce + chicken/bacon + brownie that would be much worse. At least I made a good choice concerning the main meal. Right? :)

Tomorrow I'm hoping we go to a mall, I want to eat cashew chicken and rice =)
Or should I try something new?

mars 22, 2010

Read this!

I know I have some girls reading this blog that are living in arab countries and around the world so please give me some advice!
Couple of days ago we had a sandstorm here, maybe you saw it on the news. Well my problem is now that the sandstorm is over,our home is still filled with sanddust and I don't know how to get rid off it. I mean it is everywhere, I can still smell it. It's in the curtains, in the sofa, in the carpets EVERYWHERE and I'm going crazy!
Please advice me on how cleaning my home in the most effective way, including the furnitures!

mars 13, 2010

How to raise a child

Next door we have a family with at least one child. I guess the child is around 2 years old. She cries a lot. When she cries the parents doesn't comfort her and make her stop crying. No because they made up the brilliant method of just putting their daughter in the staircase and closing their door to their apartment. So here we have a toddler sitting outside the home crying for some comfort and love.....She do stop crying pretty quickly so I guess it's a good method. I'm sure it helps her innerself and make her a strong confident humanbeing. Or not......................................

A promise to myself:

To order "soup and sallad" at least once a week if available. Thank God, we are able to eat outside the home twice a week. One day use to be at the mall´s food court and the other day use to be at a restaurant. At the restaurants they usually have something you can order called "Soup and sallad". Yes it is exactly what it sounds like. So instead of ordering pasta smuthered in creamy cheese or wok chicken and fried rice everytime I'll keep it to once a week and choose "Soup and sallad" the other day.

Hopefully I won't regret this promise. But the only one who will be disappointed will be me. So no biggy :P


I've never seen a woman driving a car here (might be because it's prohibited) but yesterday I did see a 10 year old boy driving a car. If it is allowed or not is still a mystery.

mars 03, 2010

Is a promise always a promise?

You know sometimes how you promise things and intend to keep them FOREVER AND EVER? Well, what if things change and you won't be able to keep your promise even if you'd wish you could? What if life takes you to different places in life which makes it impossible for you to keep your promise? Then should we beat ourselves up for not keeping our promise? I believe in keeping promises. If not, then what's the purpose of promising things? None!

But sometimes things happens that makes us not wanting to keep the promises we've made. Is it then okey to break them? If the person in question doesn't deserve what we promised?

I have even made some promises that I've forgot. Promises about small things but yet still promises. I hope I haven't broken too many of them though. That would be horrible!

I have ONE promise that I keep thinking of. Why? Because this promise was made to a person who meant a lot to me at the time and still do till this day. I made a lifetime promise, but Iam breaking it everyday. And yes, Iam beating myself up about it. I feel so bad for breaking it but yet there is nothing I can do about it.

God and my own choices brought me to this place where Iam not able to keep the most important and valuable promise anyone can give. I hope God is hearing my prayers and helping me keeping my promise.

NEVER make promises you might not be able to keep. You might think at the time that surely you'll keep that promise forever, but you don't know what's in God's plan and where you'll end up so be careful!

I sometimes regret for giving such a promise but yet it was the most sincere and important promise I've ever made. I don't think I'll ever make that mistake again.