mars 25, 2010

My big plan!

.....was to choose "soup and sallad" at least once a week, remember?
 I failed last week because we were eating at the mall both those days and I couldn't resist my usual cashew chicken and rice - yummi!!!

But today we went to applebees. I ate california soup - delicious, oriental chicken sallad - strange but tasty, and fresh orange juice. That was good right? But we finished the whole meal off with brownie cake and vanilla icecream. Well lets say if I had chosen my usual pasta and cheesesauce + chicken/bacon + brownie that would be much worse. At least I made a good choice concerning the main meal. Right? :)

Tomorrow I'm hoping we go to a mall, I want to eat cashew chicken and rice =)
Or should I try something new?

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  1. hej, jag såg att du ville följa min blog och jag gav dig ett svar men du kanske inte såg det? Jag behöver din mail om jag ska kunna lägga till dig på min blogg. :)