mars 13, 2010

A promise to myself:

To order "soup and sallad" at least once a week if available. Thank God, we are able to eat outside the home twice a week. One day use to be at the mall´s food court and the other day use to be at a restaurant. At the restaurants they usually have something you can order called "Soup and sallad". Yes it is exactly what it sounds like. So instead of ordering pasta smuthered in creamy cheese or wok chicken and fried rice everytime I'll keep it to once a week and choose "Soup and sallad" the other day.

Hopefully I won't regret this promise. But the only one who will be disappointed will be me. So no biggy :P

2 kommentarer:

  1. it sounds healthy! i will try to do the same thing to...thanks for inspiring me :)

  2. angie: well it's a start at least :) It's not a big deal eating soup n sallad once a week, or at least it shouldnt be. I love soups but sallad are much more difficult for me to enjoy :P I like warm food :) good luck to you :)