mars 13, 2010

How to raise a child

Next door we have a family with at least one child. I guess the child is around 2 years old. She cries a lot. When she cries the parents doesn't comfort her and make her stop crying. No because they made up the brilliant method of just putting their daughter in the staircase and closing their door to their apartment. So here we have a toddler sitting outside the home crying for some comfort and love.....She do stop crying pretty quickly so I guess it's a good method. I'm sure it helps her innerself and make her a strong confident humanbeing. Or not......................................

4 kommentarer:

  1. how wierd! omg. shes to young to comfort herself.
    i say you give her a hug :)

  2. of course not, how cruel of them. If i was their nighbors i would call the authorities for them.

  3. Oh my! Thats horrible. Poor child If I was the neighbor I would comfort the child and if this happens often try to talk to them about it.

  4. angie nader: if we were in my homecountry i might have.. but here, no way. im locking myself in my home and dont open the door until my husband comes home...
    wafa':well if i was confident that they would actually do more good than harm i would..
    amira: ye in a perfect world i would do that too :) But here, no way to discuss their way of raising their children , hey we don't even greet eachother when we meet in the stairway.....