december 26, 2009

An advice from me

Don't bake in the evening(or at any time for that matters) if you'll be too tired to clean up afterwards when you're done... 

Less tired today :)

I went to bed at 9 oclock last night. But I couldn't fall asleep immediately, but I got a surprise in the morning. I was "allowed" to turn the alarm off. Yey!!!! So we got couple of hours more sleep. So today Iam feeling pretty normal with minimum sleepiness :)

I've just ate breakfast, 2 wholegrain toasts with jam and cheese and a mug of nescafe.
I'm going to take a shower now and get ready because soon my cellphone will be ringing and my husband will ask me to go down meet him in the parkinglot. We are going to visit some friends.
It's thursday today and that means weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After lunch which was so delicious I got started arranging the home. Made the bed and mopped the floor. Just now I hanged the newly washed bedsheets to dry and I'm going to rest for a while before I get started with the dishes. I don't have a lot of dishes to do but only the thought of it makes me tired.

So what are you all doing on the day before christmas eve? I know that my parents are decorating right now or are already done. Because this is the day for it. As they have been doing ever since....Well ever since forever :) I so wish I could be with them... Christmas holiday is such a wonderful time, family gathers and everyone are happy and enjoying everyone's company...........

Christmas has always felt magical to me. It still does, even though Iam a muslim and have been so since 2000. But christmas is special. Christmas is the time of year when my family get together, its dark oand cold utside and cosy and light and warm indoor.. And you just feel so hopeful about life and believe that anything can happen. Anything at all. Whatever you wish for. Magic....


Cut chicken file, cut potato and chop up an onion. Cut a tomato too if you're into those. That's what I did since anyway I needed half of a tomato for the sallad. And to leave half tomato in the refrigerator is..Not a good idea, it just going to be thrown away since it's holiday and we won't be eating at home for the next coming 2 days.

Okey, back to the recipe.

Pour oil in a casseroul, let the oil get warm and put the potato in it. Make sure to move the potato around all the time so it gets "fried" a bit allover. Put in the onion and the tomato pieces. Let them all swet a bit, salt and move around so it doesnt get burned.
Now put in the chicken pieces which you already let roll around in curry, black pepper and salt.
Move everything around and let it swett some more. Then pour in some water and buillon for more taste. Let it boil slowly with a lid for about 15 minutes depending on how big the potato pieces are.
Boil tasteless but salted rice and serve with a sallad.

Bon appetite, I hope we are going to eat very soon because it smells soooooooooooo wonderful and I'm starving.


Mom and dad you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you both so much and Iam so happy and thankful for your greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be "floating on clouds" throughout the rest of the year and next one too!!!!!!
"floating on clouds" ye I know that there is probably no such "saying" in English, but I'm swedish so that's what happens with direct translation in my head :P:P:P

december 23, 2009

Goodmorning y'all

So 8 hours sleep are NOT enough for me. I need to sleeeeeeeeeeep... Zzzzzzzzzz so exhausted...

Well I've had my cup of nescafe so I should get a bit more alert any time soon, or so I hope.

Today I have lots of homework to do. Not actual homework as you get when you are studying, but home work. Work in the home. Really funny things. Like ironing.......

And yes Iam going to do chicken today. But since we don't have things for mograbieh (as if I know how to do it haha) and I don't like molokhiye it's just going to be a chicken n potato spiced with curry and served with rice.

I can't believe it's wednesday already. Tomorrow it's weekend here yey. Tomorrow we are going out to eat, YEEY :D That reminds me, I have to wash the bedsheets today :)

Okey, I better get started... Wish you a nice day!

december 22, 2009

Why do the morning arrive so fast?

Maybe the night won't feel so short if you go to sleep earlier. I guess that's the answer ;)

Well yesterday at 11 I prepared myself and went to bed but I couldn't fall asleep till around 1 oclock. So I got 6 hours sleep. Then I woke up but fell asleep again for another hour then it was time to wake up. Today I'm going to bed earlier. Like now. It's not even 11 in the noon and I want to go to bed/sleep. Hahaha

I haven't done anything today, yet. Oh, just drank nescafe and ate one digestive biscuit. Waw! I better go and get something more to eat. There is a banana lying in the kitchen, poor banana lying there all by itself. But no I ate 3 bananas yesterday so NO MORE BANANAS FOR ME!!! Just can't stand the thought of the mushiness:(

I was actually planning on cooking chicken today. But it feels as if I won't be able to, too tired. And besides I didn't even figure out HOW to cook it, I mean what kind of dish to make of it..... So I'm just gonna do hamburgers and fries since DH said he'd like that today even if we ate that yesterday. We just ate one each because we had some food left from the day before. Okey I just ate hamburger but DH ate fish too :)

Ouf I'm lacking enthusiasim , or however its spelled, about blogging today. I gonna stop, maybe I have something more interesting to say after I got some food in my belly :P
But if you have any tasty recipes that contains chicken, please leave it in the comment field :D:D:D:D

december 21, 2009

I haven't told you this....

But last month I had to experience some rudeness and some lack of security. I was chocked and my DH was surprised I opened my mouth hahaha.

We were sitting in the plane. It was freezing. Really freezing! Like shaking teeth freezing. I asked the flight hostess: Excuse me, can I have a blanket, it's very cold.
Her answer: NO BLANKETS ON BOARD!!!!!!!!
I wish I didn't talk to her because her reply made it much colder. What happened to normal behaviour? A normal answer on a normal question... A perfect answer would be: "Yes of course we do, just a second I'll get one for you". Or the second perfect answer would simply be: "Sorry, unfortunately we don't have blankets on board."

When we got the questionnaire(spelling, dont know:P) about how our trip was and their service etc.
You can bet we told them about the service. And we also told them that since they keep the airplane so cold they could at least supply frozen passengers with blankets....

Returning back the plane was hot and warm :) I'd like to think it was due to our complaint, but I am not that naive..

Diagonnally infront of us was a woman sitting with her toddler. She put him on the seat and put the seatbelt on him. He didn't seem to be able to sit up straight by himself. I was looking at them and thinking to myself, why didn't the mother get a babybelt for her son? I looked at the mother again and realized, maybe she doesn't know english, maybe she doesn't know about the baby belt... Before boarding the plane I heard her telling one of the flight hosts that it was her first plane trip. After worrying for a while I finally asked the hostess while pointing at the little boy: Excuse me, but don't you have babybelt for the baby?
The hostess smiled a bit and said: Oh no, I'm sorry we don't.

My face got red and I could just not believe what she just said. How is it possible? No security for the young ones? OH MY GOD! Iam so not flying with this company when I inshallah get a baby. Or I buy my own babybelt or maybe I could bring the baby's car seat and place it on the plane chair and fasten it with the belt. But I won't fly anywhere without safety for my baby.

What I love about Saudiarabia

The sometimes purple sky and the sliced moon shining strong
Palm trees
Clean nice wide streets
Nice big malls
The birds living in the big tree just outside my window
The birds visiting us everyday, sitting on our window
I do actually, strangely enough, like wearing an abaya when I go out
The food courts in the malls. If you're a group of people wanting to eat together but not everyone wants to eat burger. You'll find indian spicy curry food, pizza, pasta, shawarma, seafood, sushi EVERYTHING in the same place. EXCELLENT!

I like it. A lot

december 20, 2009

It stinks!!!

Ye it really stinks in here. I'm cooking potato and onion.. Hm, neighbours banging on my door any time soon? I hope not.

december 19, 2009

Sweet saturday

My cold is gone, it never developed into the flu, thank God.
I am not sure why, but Iam feeling sleepy all the time... Well that's pretty much as usual, but somehow thing's are feeling different. I guess it's the weather. It's changing, becoming winter.

I am waiting for DH to come home so we can have lunch together. Bamiye, rice and sallad. But I'm not in the mood for food.... But Iam hungry, weird.

So I've cleaned up the flat today, it was a mess. Dust everywhere, but I just couldn't bring myself to clean it up. I have been so tired this last week. Could hardly even get out of bed. But now, thank God, I'm feeling better. Still tired but much much better.

I hope you have a nice weekend

december 13, 2009

13th of december 2009

Yes, unfortunately I still have a cold. I've already sneezed like 500 times today. I woke up at 6 today but forced myself to fall asleep again but at 8 I couldn't wait anymore. I left the bed and went to the bathroom, did the morning routine later to the kitchen and started to prepare for breakfast.
I'm thinking NOT to cook today. Maybe I should just take up some of the things mother in law made for us when we were visiting them? Maybe I should do that and just make some maggi potato and sallad....
Oh I better take my C-vitamine drink and panodil now or Iam pretty sure I'll be fed with it later, as yesterday..:D

december 12, 2009

Too tired

I slept so deeply last night I didn't even hear my cellphone's battery alarm. My husband had to turn the cellphone off. Well after he found it lying under my head and pillow. I didn't hear the alarm ring in the morning today either. I was sleeping so deeply. I'm still feeling tired and my head feels so heavy. Maybe it's a cold. My husband just got well after about a week of the flu.... I hope I don't get sick, it's not been long since last time...

Ouf, the laundry is in the machine getting clean-hopefully, and some dishes are waiting for my care and the house is in big need of dusting and mopping. I better go and do that now and get started with dinner.

Hope you all have a nice day!

december 11, 2009

Did you miss me?

Oh yeah, I'm back at home now. Our place is in real need of cleaning. Big time! But I am not going to do that today because we are going to enjoy the last day of holiday together. And we are planning to move the furnitures around in the bedroom, so I guess it might be some cleaning afterall..
We've had a wonderful holiday with my family inlaw. Lots of tasty food and lost of lack of excercise resulted in a weight gain of 2 kgs during this last 2 weeks! That's not good!!! But Iam getting back to my good old  habits. Wii excercise for an hour, daily and kelloggs special for breakfast. During my stay at dear family inlaw, I requested 2 chocolate croissants everyday. LOOOL!

Today or maybe next week we are going to look/buy a winterjacket/coat for me. When we arrived 2 days ago it was 9 degrees outside. ONLY! But I'm hesitating a bit about the jacket... Do they really wear the jacket UNDER the abaya? I'm not really sure but that's what I expect. When we go out today shopping for groceries it'll be my mission to look for jacketwearing women ;)
I have some other posts to edit but I'll post them later. Probably not today.

I hope you all have had some nice days!

And by the way, I found vanilla sticks at the groceristore in Leb. Yeeeey, so next week I'll be doing my own vanillasugar.

december 02, 2009


I'm spending time with the family in law and celebratring eid that's why I haven't been blogging. But I'm just fine hamdella. Hope you all enjoyed eid and got to spend some nice time with your loved ones.

november 26, 2009

Happy celebration

Happy eid everyone!

november 25, 2009

Sugar and caffein kick

Yes that's what I need right now in the late afternoon, and that's exactly what I'm taking. Maxwell house 3 in 1(yumiiiiiiiii) and digestive biscuits with nutella on.. Ehm, that nutella is still evil!!!

I cooked a dish today with potato, onion, meat, crushed tomato, creme fraiche and spiced with curry, pepper and salt. Served with rice and sallad of course. The meal was appreciated and praised. LOL, if you never get praised for your cooking try the following. Cook a really yucky meal and serve it for 2 days in a row(or more) and then cook whatever you usually do. I promise you it'll be appreciated ;)

It's important to try out some new recipes now and then, everyday haha. You should not be afraid of trying new things. WHAT! Did I actually write that? Hahaha, it's funny how someone change a little bit from day to day and then a year or two has passed and the difference is huge.
Oh isn't life wonderful? I'm so happy finally living in my OWN house, flat. My all own cute home. Mmmm, ops that's right OUR home :D

Oh well, now I'll get back to my nutella biscuits and finish drinking my 3 in 1 caffein boost before it gets too cold. I hope you're all having a nice day!

What's your afternoon snack?

november 24, 2009


Never put a glass of water in the refrigerator and "garlicfood".....Or you know, never put "garlicfood" in the refrigerator PERIOD! Eat it all, don't save any. Our refrigerator smells like an arab on a full garlic kebab sauce diet.

I always put a glass of water in the refrigerator before I go to bed in the evening so I can get cold milk with my cornflakes the next morning. Yes, we use powder milk.
Let's just say that neither one of us ate our cornflakes, they tasted like yesterday's dinner.
We both ate bisquits for breakfast instead.

Arabs! Don't get offended. I just don't like the scent to be in my refrigerator....

november 23, 2009

Will the neighbours come banging on my door?

Well Iam cooking "italian meatballs and tomato creme sauce" the house smells as much garlic as possible. I think I have to open the windows to let some of the smell out. But then will all the people nearby come banging on my door wanting my food? At least I think the people around here like garlic... Hm...

What about you? Is garlic in the food a "YES!!!" or a big "NO NO!"???

november 22, 2009

I'm so tired!

I can't even explain to you how tired Iam. It just hit me so suddenly-the tiredness. It began on thursday night. I was feeling cold and the headache started. Friday I woke up at 9.45 and the day was pretty okey. Saturday I woke up at 7 in the morning, excercised for 30 minutes and after breakfast I went to bed again and slept for a whole hour. Later in the evening I almost fell asleep on the sofa already at 9.30. Today I could hardly leave the bed in the morning, not until 9 oclock when I had to or my husband would have to eat breakfast all alone before leaving for work. At 5 I went to bed again and slept for an hour. I've had headache all day and I still have it till this very minute.
Oh well the water is hot now, I'll make myself a cup of 3 in 1 maxwell.. Maybe that'll give me a boost.

But what's wrong with me? I don't have any symptoms of getting sick... I'm just feeling so tired and having a bad headache....

I'll tell you again

Football is just a sport! Yes, I understand that a lot of people depend on playing football, or training the players etc. Football is sport AND business for so many people, and yes I can even agree to football being someone's life. But come on people, should we fight over football? Kill eachother? Start a war??

Come on now settle down and behave yourself.........

What's going on?

Yesterday I was so tired and sleepy I fell asleep on the sofa at 9.30. This morning the alarm went off at 8.15 but I was to tired to wake up and kept snoozing the alarm till 9 oclock. I ate breakfast and drank nescafe but Iam still tired/sleepy. And on top of that I have a headache....

I just want to know... What's going on? Am I getting sick??

november 17, 2009

Today's outfit



The nutella cream is taking over!

november 15, 2009

Arab food!!

Ye, I'm cooking bamiye. It's pretty much cooking itself right now, well with the help of the stove of course. I'll just do some rice and a simple sallad then I'm done cooking for the day :) But I have to start cleaning now, I have so many things to do today!! I guess that's my answer on my "prayers" before when I was "complaining" about having nothing to do :)

Hope you're having a nice day!

november 14, 2009


Welcome UK, Sri Lanka, U.S, SaudiArabia and Egypt!

I just discovered I have readers from there :) Yey :) Well I guess some of you at least is blogfollowed by me :D

Who are you? Comment and share your blog with me :)
Oh well I guess the one from the U.S is you Angie, right? :)

november 11, 2009


Well ever since the "blog-era" started one of the most common things to post about has been "Today's outfit". So I was thinking, why don't I do that too? Iam sure all of you are curious to know what I wear and how I look like. So during the day I WILL be posting the picture of my outfit.

But I can't now, I have things waiting to be done. But stay tuned because anytime during the day you'll see me here on my blog in flesh and blood(yuck, but that's how the expression goes right?)

See you later!

november 10, 2009

november 08, 2009

You changed my whole life!

I fell in love today.

Ye, I know CB beat up his gf........ His songs and voice are still the same though. Just great!


Today it's father's day in Sweden. Congrats to universe's best father, my dad :)


So now I'm done cleaning up, just have to do the dishes and do dinner. It'll be fish and mashed potato(plus fried rice from yesterday) and a sallad drowned in mayo+lemon.

Okey I better get started now. What's are you eating for lunch/dinner today???

november 07, 2009


Okey so I'm doing some changes. Just with the name so far. But I have plans on changing the profile picture and also change my nickname from "Pink flower" to something else. I haven't come up with the "right" name yet. Not for my profile nor for my website. If you have any ideas, feel free to share.

that was my original address....

november 05, 2009

Last night and yesterday

I woke up several times during the night. Had some weird feeling. Can't explain. But I had to lie down on the sofa instead. But I think I slept like 5 minutes after I lied down. Hehe

We have almost just finished breakfast, tea, Special K and milk. I missed my Nescafé :( We drank the last 2 yesterday. I've cleaned up, did the dishes and ironed some clothes. Funny, I only ironed clothes that aren't my own. I don't care for my own, they don't get so wrinkly and besides I'm just home anyway and I soon going to wash them all over again, so what's the point?

Now Iam soon to jump into the shower and freshen up and later we are going out. Yesterday when we were going out I didn't think about my jeans till I sat in the car. Ooops! I was supposed to bring them with me to change them for a smaller(wiho) size. But I guess I'll do that today instead:D

Yesterday I was taking some photos of myself. Ye, I tend to do that when I'm feeling bored. And because we don't have a whole body mirror, yet ;) I NEED ONE!! PLEASE ;) Well anyway, going through the photos I noticed that my white favorite jeans so DO NOT fit me anymore. That was tough:( I love those jeans! But now they just doesn't look nice on me anymore, so I better hide them deep in the closet some where and don't wear them anymore!

I realize I have to buy more trousers too. All of them just don't fit as they should. Well I have one pair that fits perfectly, well okey almost perfect anyway. But a girl needs more than one right? Yesterday when we went windowshopping I got so annoyed. They had 70% sales but it was still expensive :( Boring people who can't do a REAL sale!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we had dinner at a restaurant named Samurai or something like that. The food was NOT tasty. It was a total disappointment for both of us. But today is a new day and we are planning on eating out again. So another restaurant and another meal and probably another taste :D I hope we'll find something delicious I'm really hungry!

A tip(this is what we usually do): Order one plate of sallad and one plate of a meal of your choice. In this way you'll get a good load of fresh vegetables and cooked food in the same time. Other times we just order 2 different meals of whatever we want and share. In this way we get to taste 2 different meals :) Supersmart :P

Okey, that's all for now, Have a nice day! I'm out!

november 04, 2009

A list!!!

Today's outfit:
White jeans with a ---- top
Today's shower:
Today's hairstyle:
Straight bang and the rest curly
Today's big event:
MSN with my younger sister
Today's plan:
Shower 'n go out
Today's want to have:
Wii Fit
Today's longing:
Today's drug:
Today's most boring:
Today's most stupid:
That I keep pushing the off button on the remote control when I just want to turn off the volume....
Today's nicest:
MSN with sis *love*
Today's shopping:
Food at samurai
Today's sweets:
Kitkat chunky
Today's mood:
Today's sick:
Today's compliment:
I'm absolutely the best! Okey, not exactly that, but can't write the best compliment of the day, it's private :D
Today's love:
Pasta with tomato/garlic sauce. So simple but heavenly delicious
Today's happiness:
Waking up beside YOU
What's annoying you right now:
That Iam not able to see my newly updates and comments right a way
When did you wake up today:
Which of the times?? 2, 6 and finally 8.15
Did you sleep in your own bed tonight?:
I don't have my own bed. We share.

Did someone else sleep in your bed tonight?:
I just told you I don't have my OWN bed, how stupid you are!!!
Are you wearing socks right now:
What do you long for the most right now?:
Swedish summer actually

What doesn't break you only makes you stronger

Sometimes we don't learn from our mistakes
Sometimes we've no choice but to walk away, away
Tried to break my heart
Well it's broke
Tried to hang me high
Well I'm choked
Wanted rain on me
Well I'm soaked
Soaked to the skin

It's the end where I begin
It's the end where I begin

Now I'm alive
and my ghosts are gone
I've shed all the pain
I've been holding on
The cure for a heart
Is to move along, is to move along
So move along

What don't kill a heart
Only makes it strong

This text is from the song by The Script - The end where I begin.
I couldn't say it any better. The song says: The cure for a heart is to move along...
My heart is cured and whole. And today bigger and stronger than it ever has been.


To my neighbours the good parents: Couldn't you find something better for your kids to occupy themselves while you ignore the persons YOU brought to life? Did you have to let them play with the doors and jump in the stairway? And I'd also like to mention that you really didn't teach them well enough to sing. It's hurting my ears when they shout outside my door. COME ON!!!
And another thing, why do you go out in the stairway to comfort your crying child? Why don't you take her in your arms and go INSIDE YOUR HOME?!?!?!? Why ..................

The day so far

Pasta drowned in tomato sauce which I've been boiling for a whole hour with 2 garlic pieces, so we are for sure going to smell supersexy the rest of the day.. I also chopped up the left-over chicken from yesterday and let it slide down into the sauce. Too bad we don't have basil at home, that would be such a great combination. Pasta, chicken/basil/tomato/garlic sauce. Yummi! But I don't expect us to feel so full after this lunch, but I made some extra sallad so I hope that'll be enough.

I've been taking it kind of easy today but still finished lots of things. Sweeping, mopping, laundry, dishes, cooking, blog and reading some blogs. And it's no even 1 oclock!

Iam going to continue now reading the blogs(not done yet), drink my strawberry/mango juice and then it's lunch time! Ye, I had to pour some juice up my belly was screaming for something. So in the choice between juice and kitkat, the juice won. At least today!

november 03, 2009

It's how I arrange my mind

A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock, with his hair fashionably combed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today.

His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready.

As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window.

‘I love it,’ he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new toy.

‘Mr. Jones, you haven’t seen the room; just wait.’

‘That doesn’t have anything to do with it,’ he replied. ‘Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged … It’s how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it.
‘It’s a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my body that no longer work, or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones that do. Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I’ll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I’ve stored away…. just for this time in my life’.

Old age is like a bank account. You withdraw from what you’ve put in.

So, my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank account of memories! Thank you for your part in filling my ‘Memory Bank’. I am still depositing.

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

found here

So healthy!

Milk and special cereals for breakfast. I remember when I tried to eat them for more than 6 months ago. I thought they tasted like cardboard, not that I have ever tasted one but my imagenation is good. And I know they still taste the same, but you get used to it. I hear they are healthy so I'll keep eating them.

I'm doing some laundry. The bathroom carpet is placed in a big bowl soaked with water and detergent and is waiting for its turn in the washing machine. I'll try to make it clean or else it should go meet with the other dirty things in the garbage container in the street. Why do you produce white bathroom carpets, or white carpets at all??? A stupid idea. Nothing mentioned about the people who buy those....

It's 10 o'clock and the chicken is lying for thaw(found it in the dictionary but I don't know how to use the word)
Dinner will be chicken and my "famous" potato and sallad. We still don't have any rice. Mmmmm I miss eating rice, it's my favorite. I want to make chickensoup(yes I have to have rice in it) and I want to cook normal ordinary yummi rice. Oooooh how much I love rice, it's ridiculous. But the love for rice only goes to Basmati. Okey and sometimes jasmin rice is acceptable too. But basmati rice is preferable.

It feels as if this is going to be a pretty good day. Iam feeling relatively alert and I would like to take the curtains down for washing. But they are put so highly and I can't reach without standing on some high chair/ladder, which we don't have.

Hope you all will have a nice day inshallah!

november 02, 2009

Thoughts on a Monday afternoon

****** my post disappeared due to fail of connection..........................

Well, I was just saying I'm waiting to eat lunch. I'm pretty hungry :D About an hour ago I finished cleaning. Almost usual time even if I fell asleep on the sofa just after breakfast. I was so tired, I guess I needed some extra rest. It's fine, I know the reason of the tiredness :)

Do you realize it's already November??? And that the year of 2009 almost has come to its' end??? Subhanallah time flies by! Well not always, only when you're busy with doing things and not just sitting around doing nothing waiting for life to happen...... Hamdella

november 01, 2009

I want to

I want to:::
New Moon
The curious case of Benjamin Button
Jennifer's body

my jeans to a smaller size
hairstyle *sigh*

more clothes

I miss:::
playing wii
fresh air
my jackets
my boots
and my training outfit............

Lunch is waiting

To get eaten.

Pasta and meat sauce with parsley + sallad, is on the menu today. And OJ to that, have to refill my iron levels. Parsley (contains lots of iron) and OJ with Vitamin C which makes it easier for the body to consume(?) the iron.

Aotch, I hate the "first days". I love that those only comes once a month.

I only did a quick cleaning up today, put the laundry away, did the dishes, cooked and now waiting to eat. Later in the afternoon I'll freshen up. I guess that's enough for the day. I'm not feeling great.........


Morning: Nescafe 3 in 1, I feel more alert after it, don't know if it's my imagenation or the caffeine, all I care about is getting alert ;)
Evening: Tea


So ye, I haven't had the time to blog for some days. I think you can stop expecting me to do that, I just don't have time and nothing special to blog about.

The last couple of days we have been doing this:
waking up late
shopping(tops, shoes and jeans for me yey)
cleaning/laundry/cooking etc

Well I have to go.. Have to fix some lunch, have no idea what to dooooooooo!!!!

oktober 28, 2009


I woke up at 5 yey, stayed in bed for another 45 minutes till I finally left the coziness=cozy-ness(is that even a word? LOL) I've had my 'nescafe', and now I'm just relaxing and checking some things on the internet.

People thought I wouldn't be able to wake up in the morning. Hah!!! Did I prove you wrong yet?? Well tiredness wasn't mentioned, just that I wouldn't be able to wake up. :)

I think I better go and put some laundry in the washing machine and maybe do the dishes from this morning and last night? Ye, I saved them from yesterday till today, because I didn't want to waste time standing in the kitchen. Do you blame me?


I want to go shopping LOL. So many things I need to buy and ye some clothes too. Maybe after tomorrow. I guess no need to hope for later today. Too much things to do! It's okey >D

oktober 27, 2009

Hello, I'm back!!!!

Ye, I haven't had the time to blog or read any of your blogs in a while. But now I'm back, but who knows for how long it'll lasts?

I won't be able to be connected all day as before, I have too much to do hamdella. I've missed it. It's the most wonderful feeling I get when I sit down in the afternoon after all work. So satisfying. And beside I don't have the same access to the internet as before. From 24/7 (well except for for the daily 3 hours when we didn't have any electricity) to around 1 hour a day.

I'll try to keep blogging everyday anyway. I can always type the post and later when I get access to the internet publish it :D

So what have you been up to while I was away?

oktober 22, 2009

What did I tell you?

Didn't I tell you yesterday that I'll wake up today as my normal self?
Well thats exactly what happened. And thank God for that because I really needed to be in a good mood, patience and smiling. It was such a long day today. Just hope that our efforts make a difference. Inshallah.

oktober 20, 2009


I know I shouldn't let it get to me. I'm so upset and annoyed. Too much of the same stuff at one day. I'm tired, annoyed, upset, and angry....
But tomorrow is a new day and I hope I'll wake up as my normal self...

oktober 19, 2009


I went to the hospital today, to meet the doctor and get my test results. We arrived at the hospital at 10.50. My appointment with the doctor was at 11, so we were on time ;)
At 11.50 the doctor welcomed us. Finally, after some nagging from dear mother in law :D I just sat down as a good swedish girl, as usual ;) But I guess I better learn how NOT to have patience or I'll end up waiting for 100 hours for my turn... Bad system.

Anyway, the doctor listened to my heart and heard it beating your name :P It was normal and everything seems to be okey, hamdella.
Later the doctor told us to go to the reception in the other building to get the testresults and later go to room 212 to get them validated.

Total time of hospital visit: 120 minutes.
Actual time with the doctor: 10 mnutes

Something about nothing

We went to a birthday party today. It was pretty fun, I acted as a photographer and spent most of the party taking pictures. Smart move :D

Later we went and ate at chopstick. It was delish, but not as delicious as it use to be. I don't know if that was because of the restaurant or because my husband wasn't with us. Food does taste better when he is around and places looks more beautiful and live just goes on so smoothly:D

Iam going to the doctor tomorrow to get the test results, wish me good luck.

oktober 17, 2009


So before yesterday, I went to the doctor. And you know what? My arm is still in its normal color. I just got a small spot from where he put the needle. Last time I gave blood for a test I got a big ugly bruice.

They were friendly and professional at the hospital. They had lots of patience because I actually was kind of annoying. Not by meaning though, but I just want to get it right:)

I'm feeling better today, I think Iam 100% well now, but Iam just feeling tired and I just took a nap of 3 hours today... Hm....

oktober 16, 2009

I ate my way throu this day

Since I didn't have breakfast till around 11-11.30, except for some juice and chocolate, I had to make up for it somehow. For lunch I ate 2 portions of lubiye and rice(my kind of portions okey!) ½ pomegranate. For snack I ate 2 mini bananas equal to one:D For late late snack I ate one avocado and one apple. One after eachother of course. And now I'm drinking some more juice. I need to regain some power that I've lost during my sick days. I'm trying to build up my body so it won't get sick like this another time. I HATE being sick. I'm so not used to being totally knocked out and not being able to do anything. Not even able to smile:( I have been so tired. I'm still not 100% back to 'me'. But pretty close. But I won't rush anything, going to fast may kick me back where I've just been----->totally down under suffering from the flu. Don't want to go there again. To get the flu once a year or even 2 is acceptable, but not three times. I've already have the flu twice this year, so I guess I'm safe now? Inshallah.

Ye, I still have headache...


oktober 15, 2009

Feeling great! Hungry, thirsty and with a twist of headache

Great start of the day don't you think? :P

I'm sitting here fully dressed to go out and full make up and I fixed my hair. Or well at least I combed it ;) Iam waiting for my mother in law, she is taking me to the doctor for a check up. I'm nervous for it because it's only my second time to go to the doc's here. And the reason I'm hungry and is because I haven't eaten for 14 hours. And ye I think the headache will disappear if I could just have something to drink. But I have to do the check up on an empty stomach. SO, I hope she comes home soon so we can go..

Other than that, I'm feeling better today. I slept last night at 12 and woke up 5.20. So at least 5 hours of continuous sleep:) Oh that's reminds me. Things that interrupts my sleep. Sometimes I forget that there is actually humans living here. All you hear are cars' related sounds. Actually the cars' honk. Is it honk? I'm not sure. But anyway, the people here use it to communicate. But all they wanna say anyway is: Get the hell out of my way!. I'm so tired of the sound!!!!!!! I hate it! All you people who communicate by throwing yourself on the car honk: Take a breath, have patience and whatever you do, DOOOOONT KEEP HONKING!!!!" Honking should be illegal. Hah, as if someone here around follow such laws anyways....*sigh*

oktober 14, 2009


NOOOO I didn't wake up just now :D
I actually woke up at 8.30 but stayed in bed till 9 something :D
I was able to close laptop and lamps etc last night at 23.50 actually. I fell asleep almost immediately, but I woke up 40 minutes later of an itch in my throat. It took me about 2 hours to fall asleep again :S

So now it's about 4 oclock in the afternoon, I hope the evening comes soon because I'm sleepy...

My day so far:
Breakfast, 2 cheese sandwiches, tea, half 'granatäpple'
20 minutes after breakfast I took 1 panadol.
stomach ache after that....
took vitamins
puzzled for 2 hours
fixed some important things online
had lunch with parents-in-law
took shower
now relaxing a bit, surfing the net and listening to music

Iam doing my best not to fall asleep. If I sleep now I don't believe I'll wake up till around 8. And then I most definetely won't be able to fall asleep anytime before 12 midnight.

Maybe I'll have chocolate croissants for evening snack. Dear mother in law bought some for me in the morning. She got upset when she came home at 10 and found me already awake and with a huge breakfast already in my stomach, hehe. Just hope I get to put my hands on them before someone else does LOL. It's really like living at home with MY parents again with my sibblings. No way for 'saving things for later'. Eat it now or lose it. Hehe.

oktober 13, 2009


I ate, I took 2 panadol and here's the stomachache as a letter in the mail. Aotch.. I still do believe the stomachache is because of the panadol.

Anyways, you know what? Iam going to close everything and force myself to sleep. From now on Iam going to try to go to sleep at 12. Wish me good luck. I'm not so sure it going to work succesfully, but Iam going to try. So goodnight everyone!

Goodmorning y'all

Okey it's almost evening now. Late afternoon. But if you don't sleep until 4 in the morning it's pretty noonish don't you think? At 4 that's when I fell asleep.... *sigh*

So today I'll only take one Cal-C-Vita since it contains caffeine, or was that the panadol? Well anyway Iam feeling much better today hamdella. I didn't even take any panadol today. My throat is still swallen but only on one of the sides) Hamdella.

New discoveries (for me) that I want to share with you:
If you get a bee sting, put a garlic piece on it, the juice helps a lot
If you have a sore throat gurgle several times a day with pure lemon juice

That's all for now:) I think Iam going to take a nap. I'm sleepy

I didn't sleep yet

I closed the laptop, the lamps everything. I tried for a whole hour but just couldn't relax and sleep. I keep yawning but Iam feeling like dancing. Too much energy to sleep. How that is possible is a mystery to me. To have so much energy but still feel sleepier than ever.......

*update* great, now I got stomachache aswell..........maybe bec of the meds? even though I haven't taken any on an empty stomach?

My fears

It's 2.15 at night. I'm afraid to go to sleep. For time being it feels okey to swallow liquids, still some pain, but okey. I don't have a headache anymore, just feeling feverish. But I fear that I'll wake up tomorrow and feeling as if I have 2 tennisballs in my throat and a bowling ball as my head...............

oktober 12, 2009

I think I might have tonsillitis

"Symptoms of tonsillitis include a severe sore throat (which may be experienced as referred pain to the ears), painful/difficult swallowing, coughing, headache, myalgia (muscle aches), fever and chills. Tonsillitis is characterized by signs of red, swollen tonsils which may have a purulent exudative coating of white patches (i.e. pus). Swelling of the cheeks and neck may occur...."


So why do I think I might have it? Well because I have:
a severe sore throat
painful AND difficult swallowing
red, swollen tonsils+white spots
swelling of neck...

Please, say it isn't so?


Okey thank God for more sleeping hours last night:) And the lack of fever. I felt feverish till around 2 oclock at night then I slept and woke up around 6 I think. Of course I slept again :)

Finally at 12 today I said goodbye to the bed and left it all alone. I struggled with the breakfast(didn't know swallowing could give so much suffering) afterwards I took 2 panadol, 1 calcevita(vitamins and caffeine hmmm) and gave my throat a sterilisation(?) with lemon juice.

I sure hope I won't be forced to go to the doctor. I don't want to take anymore meds... !!!!!!!!!

Feeling worse today

I didn't get much sleep last night. Maybe alltogether 2 hours. But I slept twice during the day instead. I just couldn't keep myself awake. Could hardly even stand on my two feet. Sooo weak. And I couldn't eat much either. Well later during the day I felt a little bit better, but the fever is back now even though I took 2 panadol 2 hours ago :(

Angepange: you're not updating why oh why?? I want to know what's happening with Jude, Faisal and Khalid!!!! So exciting :)

When I'll be rich (:p) I'll go and buy some books :) Iam so "thirsty" for sitting down with some candy or chocolate and read a good book from the beginning to the end, all after eachother. I believe that's how a book should be read:) By the way, as I wrote on friday, No chocolate on saturday: yes that was my goal and I achieved it. I didn't even eat chocolate today, no need to calculate the birthday cake for DBIL :)

Hm, what else can I say? Ye, I miss my mom, my dad and my sibblings and I just want to go home. It's scary being sick abroad. I am afraid to take medicines and maybe in this way Iam just making it worse for myself. But I don't really trust the pharmacies here. Sorry )))

oktober 11, 2009

The flu?!

Ye, I think that's what Iam developing. Unfortunately. I haven't been feeling good all day. I got a headache after breakfast and during the day I got a sore throat. Later in the evening I felt feverish. I have been feeling warm all day but I just thought that was due to the hot weather today. But I actually believe I got fever right now. So here I'm sitting feeling as if on fire. My forehead is pounding and the area around my eyes feels swallen. It's pounding in my ears(usually do that when I got a headache) My head doesn't ache as it usually does, it's more like I feel it's heavy and hard like a stone, from inside. Difficult to explain. But anyway the result of all this is: IAM NOT FEELING VERY WELL!

And tomorrow we are going to the mountains. I'm so not up for it. Especially not with a heavy head and a fever. But I hope it'll all be better until tomorrow..Inshallah.

Nighty night!

Btw I just found a dying mosquito on the bedcover. Thanks!!!!! Maybe I'll get a mosquito free night, since I already got a bite during the day, and one yesterday(on my toe, ewwww)

oktober 10, 2009

Two good news gave me a headache

I slept around 3.30 in the morning, same as yesterday. I had some terrible nightmares and woke up because of them around 7, and with the worst neck ache ever. I've probably been twisting around due to the nightmares and ended up in some weird position. 3 hours after I finally fell asleep the cellphone rang. It was my darling calling with some good news inshallah. Oh I miss him so much. Thanks for MSN and phones:) After our phonecall it was pretty impossible to fall asleep again, but finally I did. Just to be awaken 1 hour after that by harsh knocking on the bedroom door. "You've got a phonecall" Whaaat? I wonder who is calling me. I ask her who it is. She tells me it's from an office. An office??? I get nervous and the urge to get back to sleeps comes over me, but I get out of bed and drag myself out of the room to get to where the phone is. "Allooo!?" I say as a true wannabe arab speaking girl. "Is this *******?" Yes it is, I reply and ignore the fact that he just by adding the letter A to my name made it into a whole other name... Like 10 questions later we hang up. Obviously they are working on my visa. Hamdella w kheir inshallah.

So here Iam all alone at home. With typing that I realize that my plans for today amongst other things, was to play wii. But I've just ate breakfast so I don't want to weigh myself. My habit is always to weigh myself after bathroom visit and before breakfast. That way I think it will be most accurate. Hm, but then I realize that the last time I did a body test was when my husband were here and he n bro in law played wii. That was in the afternoon, and I had even ate dinner at that time. So no worries:)
I connected the wii and pushed the on-button, logged into my profile and started the bodytest. I did 2 bodytests as usual but they werent the same. So I did a third one which wasn't so very close to any of the first ones so I had to do a 4th one. The 4th one showed almost the same result as the 3rd one. So I guess that's accurate.
All of the 4 tests showed a weight of less than 60kgs. So happy with that:) Who cares about my ugly hairstyle now eh:P Well anyways, I didn't continue with any excercise because of the neck pain and plus I just got a headache aswell. Iam going to take a panadol and rest a bit... Wish you all a nice Saturday!

An ordinary friday

Woke up, had breakfast: 2 cheese sandwiches and one egg+tea. 2 hours later lunch/dinner: a piece of fish filé and tabbouleh. 2 glasses of mango juice, one banana, 2 twix.
Interesting right?
I suspect my body being out of balance. I think it's because of all the sugar I eat everyday.
Goal for tomorrow: NO CHOCOLATE!

Tomorrow I might play wii, yey, since my parents in law are leaving in the noon and I decided to stay home. I might actually be able to get some alone time in the house:) I don't expect good news about my weight though. I feel fluffy and fat. But it may only be because I haven't excercised in a while. Maybe I still weigh closer to 60 than 65. I sure hope so:)

One day I need to invest in some new trousers. They just don't look as good on me anymore. I have lost 10 kgs since I bought these trousers. I need some new ones:) Well Im not into going shopping, so who knows when Iam going to buy them....

Now: time to go to sleep. Goodnight and have a nice day tomorrow<3

oktober 09, 2009

Hairstyle look-alike

If you are following my blog you know that I got my hair cut off about a week ago. And yes, I still hate it. Why do I hate it? Because it looks like in the picture below.....

(picture borrowed from

Me the instructor and supervisor

Yes and 2 sweeties were working for me. I told them what to do and they followed orders and it all turned out DELICIOUS!

Ye, I was in the kitchen today:) Actually I did the sallad all by myself. Tomato, parsley, lettuce, cucumber and some onion. Cut it all into pretty small pieces and add some mayo and lemon juice and move it around to let the juice and mayo marry eachother and smuther all their love on the vegetables. Ye what a lovely dish indeed:P And with this we patted and massaged in salt, cummin, black pepper, and lemon juice on a fish filé that was put in the oven for some heat:) Then my mother in law made some rice n fish dish.

I kept myself to my sallad and fish. Don't like when the dish actually tastes fish. Strange eh? :P
My brother in law sat all through dinner saying: mmmm oooh mmmmmmmmm oooh mmmmm"
I'm not really sure it was mmmm because it was tasty or what it was :P

I loved it anyways:)

I got a compliment today, not just for the food I mean, but another one. It made me feel shy, but also happy:) It was a compliment straight from the blue and nothing I expected to receive. Thank God for everything and for bringing these people to my life. Or actually bringing me to their life:P

Goodnight, it's 3.10 at night/morning.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Update: Thanks sis for the correct spelling of parsley:D

I love this song!

Evanescence: My immortal

"I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating life
Now I'm bound by the life you've left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along"


I don't exactly have a word to translate it to. But maybe influence? If you're someone who have some kind of status and can change things. For example if you want to get hired by a specific company it will help knowing someone important in the company. This person, or the relation with that person is called "wasta". If no wasta, you get nowhere. Kind of.. You'll probably get where you're trying to go, but it will take a whole lot of more time to get there. I don't really know what I think about "wasta" yet. I mean it's great, of course, IF you have any. If you don't it's terrible and so unfair. So I guess I dislike it but I'm not the one who won't use it. What a hypocrite eh? Sorry for misspelling but my dictionary is no longer with me:)

People here around tell me you have to use shortcuts or you won't get anywhere. Or more honestly, they say you must cheat and lie or you won't get anything(anything as in any money)... Well I do understand why some people feel that way, but Iam not going to cheat or lie to get my way. And I don't care much about money. I don't need to be rich or have lots of money in my pocket or bank account. I just want enough of it to put food on the table everyday, somewhere to live and somewhere to go if, inshallah not, someone of us needs medical attention.

I strongly believe that being honest and straight forward is the best way to live. It might be difficult at some times, and you might not get what you want. But have faith and trust in God and he will reward you in this life and/or in the hereafter, inshallah. BUT Iam going to surf on the wave of "wasta" for a little bit longer.

oktober 07, 2009

Going to the movies tonight

With dear brother in law.

oktober 06, 2009

Is your husband treating you right?

If yes, dont EVER take it for granted.
Let him ALWAYS know that you don't take him for granted.
Let him know how much his love and actions means to you. Never forget to treat him in the best of ways too.
And express your love for him all the time,
with words AND actions.

Btw this also goes the other way around.
Is your wife treating you right?


You know the movie made my Josef Fares that includes both Lebanese and Swedish environment? Well I've just watched it for the hundredth time. I always think of my old friend from school(now my DH)as Zozo. Hamdella their story isn't exactly the same, but the personalities of Zozo and my dear husband is really similar.

I love the movie and I love you B!

Btw if you didn't see this movie till now go and borrow it. The name is "Zozo" and is about this lebanese boy and his family, the war in Lebanon and how it might be coming to a new country.

oktober 05, 2009

Meetings with animals

Last week I got stung by a bee and we also had an interesting visitor at home. Something that looked to me as a big fat hairy spider crawling on the floor, about 5 cms in diameter. I didn't go near it since they told me it's poisinous and it was killed pretty instantly.

Btw why have I never heard of putting a piece of garlic on the bee sting before? If we had known that it might had helped growing up with hundreds of bees around.

My new diet

Breakfast: bread+yellow cheese+a cup of tea
Lunch/dinner: 2 slices of Pizza Hut's peperoni pizza+2 glasses of diet Pepsi+chocolate bar

Hey, Pepsi and Pizza Hut await requests for payment of commercial in my blog.

To whoever it was who envied me for my scandinavian fine hair and put a spell on me.

Thank you so much for making me miserable.

The other day I went to the hairsalon to get the split ends cut off of my hair. Well it ended with a whole new hairstyle. One which I didn't wish for. And my demands wasn't taken into consideration. Damn you! Sorry, Iam just so upset. In 2 months I went from longhaired me to short hair me. I've gotten like 30 cms cut off my hair. You have to understand how upset Iam. Ye I know it's just hair, and you might think Iam silly getting this upset just because of a haircut. But believe me.... It's terrible. Iam so unhappy with it. I wish it would help to go to the hairsalon and fix it. But it can only get shorter and it's already too short... So I have to do the best of it and just hope it won't take long for it to grow out. Which I know it will. My hair grows superslow:(

september 24, 2009

Dear Friends

I hope everyone had a nice eid.

I'll be updating soon.

What happened with Mel, Faisal, Khalid, Jude??? And horrible mother in law??? I'm dying to know!!! Well I'll take the time soon to check it:) Ange> Don't erase your blog till I've read it!!!! Hope you get it published. Inshallah.

september 17, 2009

"I´m so excited...."

"and I just can't hide it...."

Today when I woke up and greeted the parents in law, they saw my silly smile and commented it. LOL. Well what to say.....
Forgive me for being excited?
Forgive me for being happy?
Forgive me for not hiding it very well?
Or I think the most appropiate would be:

Forgive me for my lower mood the past 2 months!

Well Iam missing you and it's difficult being without you.
Nothing is motivating me.
I need you!

Like a thief in the night

I'm moving slowly and as quiet as I possibly can. Everyone are sleeping and I am going to the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the toilet, to the bedroom, to the kitchen again and then back to the bedroom.. Oooouf, and each time I open the bedroom door it makes such an annoying sound. I feel so bad! I think Iam disturbing everyone's sleep. They say they don't notice. Or at least till yesterday... Dear mother in law informed me that she woke up at 5 when I went to the bathroom and that she couldn't fall asleep again after that:S But what can I do? I have to go to the bathroom. I can't stay all night without 1 or 2 visits. Especially now during Ramadan and all the liquid intake is done in the evening:S

I've just fixed my eyebrows and scrubbed my face with a leefeh (spelling?) and it feels so smoooth:) And I smell vanilla:) Have you tried Fa's bodywash? Vanilla yoghurt and honey? You'll smell nice and your skin will feel soooo smooth:)

Oh, too much of nothing. Goodnight. Again. Or actually goodmorning

27th of Ramadan

Yesterday we went to a restaurant for iftar. I wasn't in the mood at all and didn't want to go. But dear mother in law insisted so I went anyway. I got 30 minutes to get ready. That was more than enough. Ye, well I don't need much time to get ready since Iam already beautiful. You know Iam joking right? Kinda:P

(We should all think of ourselves as beautiful and don't be like in my homecountry where it's almost "bad manners" to be proud of who you are or how you look like. Of course it shouldn't get out of hand, but we should feel good about ourselves, it's really important. Well moving on. )

So after finally finding a place to park the car, we had to walk for like 10 minutes. And poor me, I was wearing heals!!! Aotch my feet. I sooooo wanted to get in and sit down asap. When we finally did find our seats and relaxed for a while suddenly everyone starts clapping and standing up. What's going on what's going on I thought to myself. Who is coming??
Well the one and only Saad Hariri! Iam not so easily impressed of either presidents or other celebrities, but if I'd say that I didn't feel glad he was there I would be lying. Why was I happy to see him there? Well because I know lots of other people would've LOVED to be there. So I have to enjoy it for them who weren't. Right?

He spoke for about 15 minutes or maybe more:) I didn't understand everything he said, but he talked a lot about the lebanese peoples dream about Lebanon. Lebanon as it used to be, or how it should be. Calm and peaceful. And for it to be the country all people want to come to and enjoy their vacation and so on. The country that has electricity, water, schools etc working PROPERLY. He also spoke about the palestinians. How we mustn't forget about them. And let them always know that we are supporting them as our brothers and sisters. Mr. Hariri said much more things but I didn't have anyone to translate for me so what I mentioned is the things that I understood and felt the urge to write about.

Wish you all a nice day even if you don't meet any presidents:P

My suhoor today: 1 bounty, 1 muffin and one glass of Pepsi. Superhealthy............

september 16, 2009

26th of Ramadan

Say whaaaat!?!?!?!?! 26 days of Ramadan has soon passed by. I must admit that I haven't succeeded reaching my goals. But I have still some days left. But I have almost 30% left of the message of the Holy Quran... How am I going to finish that in 3-4 days? Hmmmm.... If I don't succeed, it will be the FIRST Ramadan since 2000(that's the year I became a muslim officially) that I didn't read the whole Quran.... Sad:( I'll try to make it. It's not over till it's over, right?

Yesterday we ate lahm biajin(or however its spelled) it means basically: meat in dough. It's tasty:) I ate one, and a half a plate of sallad. And 2 dates, and a bowl of lental soup. Or I guess it was beans...Anyway. Yesterday I had pea soup. It was supertasty. It reminded me of Sweden:) Actually we were also served fish and bbq chicken pieces. But I ate dates, soup, sallad and one lahm biajin. Not a lot. But enough:) I was asked if I wanted Pepsi. I said no thanks, later. Planning on drinking a glass of it with my suhoor. Since I know that I'd be eating a snickers. Chocolate and the black poisined water is so tasty together:) But I've already ate suhoor, and I forgot to put Pepsi. Well I guess that's for the better. Since I ate also a doughnut for suhoor.. Hmmm. So 2 doughnouts for me. No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to gain weight again:)

On saturday we are invited to a restaurant for iftar. I guess it will be the last day of fasting. Or maybe Sunday, anyway, Iam looking forward to it and I hope they serve tasty food. The restaurant is near "our" mountain house, so I'll be wearing a jacket, trousers, long sleeve blouse and socks and hopefully a "blanket" too:)

Mmmmm....Yesterday I helped my brother in law with the puzzle and ye I actually helped. Helped as in connected like 50 pieces:) Just about 2900 left... Oooouf!!!!
Now it's 4 oclock here and Iam bored, no one has updated their blog... Iam searching for new blogs but not finding any interesting, do you know of one? The morning pray isn't till 5 oclock. That's another hour.. Must....Not.....Fall.....A.....S....L...E...E...P..........................................

september 15, 2009

25th of Ramadan

I've just had a cheese sandwich. Dry dry dry dry since Iam not putting butter or jam. Only cheese and the bread. Mmmm I'd like to put some nutella... Mmmm but that will be SOOOO unhealthy and I'll be eating the rest of the nutella remaining in the jar in one day. Is there anything tastier than nutella? And it fits with everything. Especially chips. Ye I know, but don't say it isn't tasty until you try it.

Today I don't know where we are going to eat. I heard something about eating outside but I hope we are going to eat at home. Iam not in the mood to go out again and just hoping the food that will be served will be tasty. At home at least I can have some input:)

Now Iam going to continue reading your blogs, which I hope some of you updated since I checked last time, then Iam going to pray fajr and sleeeeeeep. Iam not sleepy yet, but I do wish to have sleeping hours as a normal person....

24th of Ramadan

Today we went on an event for iftar. The place where it was held was a ballroom and the decoration was amazing. If my wedding were to be held indoors I'd love for it to be there. So classy, so romantic so beautiful. But I've already had my wedding and it was perfect!! So moving on:)

The food was really great. Mezze was served, you know those small dishes of everything you can imagine. They served 3 main meals, one was with fish, another with chicken, and the last one was sheep and moghrabiyeh. Of course I ate the one with chicken. But without chicken. Don't ask me why. As soon as it ended me and my brother in law left. He invited me for ice-cream. That was sweet of him, as sweet as the icecream:) I chosed dark chocolate+strawberry icecream with chocolate chips and gummybears. Ye they mix it in the icecream:) It was tasty, but I advise you NOT to put gummybears in the ice cream because when they get cold, they are so hard to chew. I wish I chosed Kitkat crunches instead:)

When we came home, me and brother in law sat down and tried to connect some pieces of the puzzle. I succeeded with 7 pieces...Oooouf it's so difficult now in the beginning.

Life is passing by and not much is happening. Still standing and stamping in the same place. Kinda....

Just a reflection: doesn't people know that it's bad to smoke ciggarettes? Doesn't people care how it looks when they are wearing a veil holding and sucking on a ciggarette? It just looks soooo wrong!!!! As if a halfnaked woman would be walking around with a Quran in her hand..I hate ciggarette smoke, and think it is very selfish of people to force us non-smokers to be passive smokers. SELFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why isn't it prohibited to smoke in-doors? Oh well it's Lebanon, what do I expect? It's not their fault that they got a million more important stuff to think about and to rule about then a silly law against smoking in public spaces.....

september 14, 2009

Very important information!

It's raining again!!!!!!!

Oh I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marabou chocolate
Vanilla sugar/powder
Zoega's coffee
Chocolate bars with pieces of liquorice in it
Liqourice tablets in a small box(I forgot the name)

OOoooOOOooOooOooOooOooOh I so wanna go to Sweden and fill a whole suitcase with the above mentioned things......... AND to see my family:)

If you have any of the following symptoms-move to Lebanon!

*Dry skin
Okey that's all :P

I've noticed since I came that I do no longer need to use bodylotion. Before I was using it on a daily basis, several times a day. Iam now using those hard pieces of soap. I haven't been able to use them for like 20 years. Iam using them everyday now and I don't even need to use handlotion afterwards. I'm amazed:)

Today we had a small barbeque action going on. Chicken filé pieces and kafta. I ate kafta, sallad(t) and some homemade fries. And dates. Mmmm I have to break my fast with dates. It's the thing I look forward to much during the day. Dates! And water. And ye soup aswell:)

Well now Iam going to watch TV for a while more and make myself a sandwich and drink some cool mango juice before I go to sleep. I think we are going to get morning visitors tomorrow. Oh well they come in the morning but stay till the evening:) But Iam not really sleepy now, no wonder, I woke up at 5 in the evening.......I slept for 12 hours! I do feel a little energized, yey:)

september 13, 2009

23th of Ramadan

Yey, so many of you have updated your blogs. Iam very very pleased:)
Iam back in Beirut. That's all. For now.

september 11, 2009

21st of Ramadan

It's almost 4 oclock over here. It's quiet outside. Actually it's quiet in the whole house. Not a sound can be heard. Or... The only 2 things are me tapping on the keyboard and the AC in my room.

Yesterday my parents in law were here. We ate wonderful tasty stuffed zucchinis/minisquash. I love them!!!! I could eat them everyday. But then again, I wouldn't be able to eat them for years afterwards. I mean you get tired of eating the same thing day after day after a while;)

I just ate a small sandwich with turkey and I filled a bottle with cold water. I have to check how much water Iam drinking a day. Before I had such control and knew exactly how much I was drinking a day. But now when Iam fasting, it's so hard to keep track of that, besides I don't have much time to drink as I use to or as much as I should.

Tomorrow, well actually it's today))) I'll be helping my brother in law with the puzzle he bought, inshallah. He is funny, he bought a puzzle of 3000 pieces. A puzzle with a motive with only one color. Kind of. It's so difficult!!!! Oh well, it'll be nice spending some time with him. Even if we aren't speaking a lot to eachother we really feel close. It's pretty funny that I have a better/closer relation with my brother in law than with my sister in law. It's interesting how I always get a better contact with persons of the opposite sex. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. Being friends with a girl always involved competing some how. In beauty or whatever. Except for with my best friend. We just clicked. Slowly but firmly:) I love you J!

Later today we'll be going up to the mountain and won't be home till Sunday evening inshallah.
We will be breaking the fast with my husband's uncle+wife, husband's cousin+husband+kids, sister in law and her family aswell. Waw, almost the whole family:P It's going to be nice. I just wish my husband was going to be with us....

september 10, 2009

20th of Ramadan

Iam so tired, my body just feels as some cloth on a hanger..Floating here and floating there.
Iam being told to sleep at night and not during the day. Ye well, they might be right. But I have tried that before and I still remain so tired...
Just 10 more days and I'll be sleeping at night inshallah.
Now my dear mother in law is fixing in the kitchen..I gonna go and ask if she needs help. Maybe she accepts...
Soon it's time to break the fast. I can't want. My brother in law brought us cake!!! Yey:P

september 09, 2009

I just don't fit in! And I don't care!!!

I dislike going to the hairdresser here. They ask me if I want some volume. "No, thanks, it's fine like this. Or I'll fix it by myself at home" (I know how they fix volume here, 1 m high and with half of my hair fallen off). But last time I let him fix it anyways since I was going to an event.

And, did he pull for his life? Yes!
Did it feel as if my sculp were going to be pulled off? YES!
Could I brush my hair the next day? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iam just going to NOT try to fit in. My hair is straight, soft, smooth, fine(as in thin) and it's not normal with volume in this kind of hair. Leave my scandinavian hair alone!

I want you to be here!

And if you'd bring earplugs with you that would be even greater.
I miss you

I should feel ashamed of myself!

And yes I do.
My sleeping habits have just been crazy for the last couple of years. And I have been so tired for so long I can't even remember when it started. But it's at least 10 years ago. I think more likely 15 than 10 actually...
Nowadays Iam going to bed around 5 in the morning and stay asleep till 2 oclock in the afternoon. That's just so wrong! But it feels so good to eat suhoor and pray fajr before I go to sleep.....
The bad thing is that the whole world (including my in-laws)and outside my window wakes up at 7-8 in the morning. And usually the sounds wakes me up. So that gives me 2 hours of continuous sleep. ONLY! That's not good. Maybe a reason for me being so tired? Well.... I don't like it. I want to go to bed at 22-22.30 and sleep till 7 or so in the morning and just feel so good and energized during the rest of the day. Will that ever happen?

The strength of a man

The strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders.
It is seen in the width of his arms that encircle you.

The strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice.
It is in the gentle words he whispers.

The strength of a man isn't how many buddies he has.
It is how good a buddy he is with his kids.

The strength of a man isn't in how respected he is at work.
It is in how respected he is at home.

The strength of a man isn't in how hard he hits.
It is in how tender he touches.

The strength of a man isn't how many women he's Loved by.
It is in can he be true to one woman.

The strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift.

It is in the burdens he can understand and overcome.

(poem by Jacqueline M Griffith)
found here

19th of Ramadan

Again Iam sitting here...With the poisoined water..Ye that's coke. Or actually Iam drinking Pepsi. Or actually I've just emptied the glass. It wasn't even tasty, but yet I had to drink it all up. I also had a Kitkat. Well you have to have Coke or Pepsi when you eat Kitkat. And also when you eat snickers or chips or peanuts.

I was thinking about maids earlier today. I don't feel comfortable with a maid. I don't know why exactly, maybe because Iam not grown up with one? Or just because it feels strange having a person outside of the family living with us? Well if one day I need a maid and can afford one, I'd still want my children to do some things by themselves. I don't want my children to grow up and get everything served and done for them. They should be able to put their laundry clothes in the laundry bin, leave the bathroom as it was before they took a shower etc. Small things, easy things that doesn't even take any time. I don't want my children to grow up and not being able to do anything except eating, drinking and sleeping. What if they grow up all their life being spoiled doing nothing at home, when they'll move out they are going to expect their partner to do everything for them. Unless they get a maid too. I don't want spoiled bratty children...
I am not saying that people who have a maid are spoiled or to stupid to put their laundry in the laundry bin..But some people who grow up getting pampered this way get the wrong idea about life. (It's not only about maids, some children get so pampered by their parents too)And when they get married they just going to expect their partner to spoil them the same way. Turn their partners into their maid...

For God's sake, my mom put up a sign on the door in our home that said: "Your mom doesn't work here, clean up your mess!"
We laughed and made jokes about it, but we knew it was true. We had to take responsibility for the household aswell. And we turned out okey.

It's raining!!!

Yey, it's raining here for like the first time in 2 months. I don't even know when it rained before I arrived. It's wonderful. I hope it's going to smell rain everywhere tomorrow. You know that fresh smell that only comes after it has been raining? I doubt it's going to be the same here as in Sweden. But rain is so refreshing. I hope it rains all night.

20 minutes later and it is still raining. It doesn't smell refreshing just yet. It smells dust and dirt. Pretty much as when you're picking potatoes from the field...

september 08, 2009

I hope I'll never:

tatto my eyebrows
do any kind of surgery for vanity reasons
care about having the latest model of car, cellphone, laptop, clothes etc
measure people's worth according to race, color or beliefs

you may wonder why Iam writing this... Well it's because these are some things that Iam seeing now during my "new" life. Things that I sooo don't agree with. I am not naive enough to believe that the environment doesn't effect us. So Iam just hoping that in these issues and some others I'll stay the same..

******Always remember*****

Always remember that every person you meet thru your life, they also meet you. And whatever impact you've made on them, they may remember it all their life. If it was a bad impact they may suffer from it everyday for the rest of their lives. If it was a good impact they will remember it too.

Remember that what happens to us thru our lives shapes us. Bad or good. What happened in our lives made us who we are. But only we ourselves are the ones who can decide HOW we should let ourselves be shaped. Should we make our experience our weakness or our strenght? This decision will also be based on how we were raised, and more importantly on who we are deep down inside.

I don't believe that all of us IF we had the exact same upbringing, experiences and people around us that we would end up having the same personality and character. Eventhough this is an experiment impossible to go through, Iam pretty sure Iam accurate.

God made us, he gave us strenght and weakness. It's up to us how we are going to use them.

Be nice to the people you meet. Everyday. Even just smiling at someone in the street may be a huge thing for that person.

Think of who you are and what you are doing and who you want to be.

Display yourself in the way that show's ur real true self. I believe that everyone are good deep inside. I might be naive, but I don't care.

I believe that every person have a good heart, at least to begin with....

So PLEASE, think of who you are and how you treat people.

If you think your children and grandchildren one day deserve to have nice good people around them, think of how you are treating the people living today. Because they are the ones raising your future childrens schoolmates, friends etc.

Also remember: It's never too late to make a change!

Think before you act that's all I got to say!

18th of Ramadan

Lovely days are ahead. Iam feeling them getting closer!

So here Iam, as usual, especially during Ramadan-eating. Very healthy. NOT! Bounty and muffin... Hm. I guess I am putting on the weight I've lost since I came. Hope not. Better check wii some day soon:P

Nah, I don't have anyting to say today.. Iam just waiting for someone to update their blogs, but nothing is happening:(

Today we are going to eat at home in Beirut:) And I guess there going to be a small invasion of kids coming here after about 4 hours. Wihoooo, not. I need my beauty sleep:P

september 07, 2009

Cake anyone?

After bad service at the hotel where we had 'iftar' we dropped half of our group off at home and we went to a new opened café. This is what I ate:)

I promise you...It was not worth it. It looks tastier than it was.

Life is made of waiting

What are we waiting for? The whole life we are just waiting for the next thing.
Just don't forget to live while you wait because suddenly it all going to be over and we are going to be judged and send to where we belong. Allah knows best.

Yes, Iam waiting too...Iam waiting this minute for my brother in law to get ready so we all can go out for iftar. I wish my husband was coming with us. I miss him so much. Unfortunately he is in another country. Well, I know why he is there, and that makes me a little stronger. Mashallah aleih. W alhamdulilah.

Yes, it's still me!

Iam just changing a little bit on my blog. Hope you don't mind:)

17th of Ramadan

Can you believe it? Days has been flying away. So fast! Subhanallah. I hope the following week will fly pass us aswell. Just inshallah we solve some things along the way.
Now it's time for me to go to sleep. With a smile on my lips. Yes that's right. A smile!

Goodnigh/goodmorning everyone!

So ye...I'm back!

It's in the middle of the night and I have no idea of why Im still awake. Since Iam not fasting I don't need to stay awake for the morning pray or to eat something before that. But here Iam. Wide awake. Iam even planning on leaving the bedroom and go watch TV for a moment. All the good movies starts at night. Don't know why, but it's true.
Well I guess a good reason for me not being sleepy just yet is
1. I slept 9 hours last night/morning
2. I took a one hour nap around 5

Well those are the days of my life. Oh I miss the serie "Days of our lives". What happened to what's her name and what's his name? And to their friend's? Did they break up or did they patch up their relationship? And what about Grey's Anatomy? Last episode I watched was when Meredith and Dr Dreamy was getting married... Hm well.. Maybe one day I'll get the seasons on DVD:) I'd also like to watch all the episodes and seasons of "Friends". Ye I haven't actually watched them all. My brother does actually own all of the seasons. But he is far far far away from me... I miss my family.

september 04, 2009

Bone marrow

What a strange name chosen for a hair conditioner don't u think?

"Bone marrow is the flexible tissue found in the hollow interior of bones. In adults, marrow in large bones produces new blood cells" Wikipedia

Wii owii

I played wii today. Mostly just to check my weight. It's been a week ago since I played. I remembered to check the settings of my profile today. I noticed that my lenght has been saved as 2 cms shorter than Iam. That gives me a higher BMI. So I fixed it now and my BMI is around 22.3 instead of 22.8:D But my weight is pretty much the same. Between 60 and 61. Since the body test gives me different results from each test I decided to use the 3 that were closest to eachother and those gave me a BMI of 22.30-22.33. I also got it to be at 22.15. But I guess that's not accurate:) Unfortunately;) Maybe next week.

Iam not feeling too well today so I only played for 20 minutes, took a shower and took panodil. Oh by the way, it's not called panodil here, it's Panadol. Maybe it's just called panodil in sweden?


We did some shopping when we were in Turkey last month. Actually my husband did the shopping and I was mostly trying the clothes that he suggested and that I also agreed on. Some of them we bought, some of them got rejected(by me). It's so nice to put on those specific clothes. Because it reminds me of the time we had in Turkey and the fun we had going shopping.
Awww I miss him so much......

Unwanted guests.... Updated!

I was relaxing on the sofa all by myself, minding my own business and watching tv. I was very pleased for the lack of mosquitos tonight. Suddenly I see something moving near the door of the bookcase. What was that?!?! When I looked again to see if it really was something there or it was just my mind playing me I saw nothing. I continued watching TV. After a few seconds I see, in the corner of my eye, again something moving. OH MY GOD!! What was that? Is there a ghost living in the bookcase coming to haunt me? (ye i know, too many scary movies;)) I keep looking even if I see nothing but the bookcase. But wait a minute......What?! What is that? A black line is moving..What the *** is that?! I see another black line just beside it...WHaaaat!? Those two black lines were like 4 cm each! Creeped out by the fact that this is probably a cockroach I run to the kitchen to get the bug spray. When I come back the bug is nowhere to find. I move the sofa, check underneath it, I look inside the bookcase, no trace of the bug. And Iam too creeped out to actually move the things around which are in the bookcase, to check maybe the bug is hiding behind it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew this was the worse experience so far. Still we have a HUGE cockroach in the home!! Iam scared! It was so big, it could probably eat me if it wanted to. Ye, if I gave it a knife and fork it might be able to eat me all. It was huge, Iam not even exagerating. I tried to take a picture of the two black lines, but the stupid camera didn't work. Two lines-tentacles!

So today I've met HUGE creepy cockroach and it's friends the earwigs(???) that were on the bathroom floor. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew I don't like bugs:( Iam sure I am going to have nightmares about bugs...The movies I've been watching doesn't even feel scary to me anymore....

Much bigger than this one and much uglier too!!!!!!!!!!!

*Must remember:

to tell the maid in the morning to go for a bug chase, starting inside the bookcase. Probably with me standing on the sofa*

updated: the chase on the bug continues. We didn't find it today so it probably continued it's visit somewhere else in the home. The maid also informed me that the other night she felt a cockroach on her head LOL. Poor maid. But she said it and was smiling and laughing so I guess she doesn't care.

14th of Ramadan

Oh no I am watching another scary movie about a girl haunting her ex-boyfriend. Eeeeeeeeeeew it's so scary!!! But I can't stop watching......................................................................But I think it's near the end now..
Watch the trailer:D

The name of the movie is "Shutter" it's with Joshua Jackson.

Later today we are leaving hot trendy Beirut for cool relaxed 'mountain-city'.
I'll be back on Sunday inshallah.
Wish you all a very nice weekend!

september 03, 2009

13th of Ramadan *updated*

Iam still waiting for the morning pray. I don't know if I can stay awake much longer. But I fear that if I fall asleep now there's no way I'll be able to wake up before 8. And I should pray the morning pray before 6 oclock, for it to be on time. And for it to be on time is indeed my goal. So I better not go to sleep....


You know what?? I have one mosquito bite on my hand, 2 on my arm and one on my back. At least those are the ones I've discovered so far. I tried to kill that big ugly mosquito several times, but it was a very lucky one. And hungry obviously..Grrrr I hope they wont itch too much or I might lose my mind.. We'll see tomorrow. Usually it takes about a day to feel their real level of itchiness....Akh those mosquitos-can't you just leave me alooooooooooone????!?!??!?!??!


We've broke the fast, prayed and now everyone has left. Gone, puff, Iam all alone. But it's okey, Iam enjoying the TV all by myself. Today we ate the tastiest food ever. Spiced rice, chicken and pinenuts. It should be eaten with yoghurt, but I prefer without. The only thing I missed was almonds sprinkled on top:) Well we can't have everything we want can we?
We got some great news today, HAMDELLA. Just hope there is still time left to make it happen. Kheir inshallah.

Too afraid to go to sleep

I've just watch this movie "Whisper" it was a great movie, but too scary for me who going to sleep alone LOL.

Iam going to read from the Quran now and try to stay awake for another 2h45 mints so I can pray the morning pray before I sleep.
Hope I forget all about the movie till then.

september 02, 2009

I just remembered

Sometimes I realize that just couple of months ago this home was still pretty unfamiliar to me.
Nowadays most things feels so natural for me to do here. Like closing/opening the windows, the ac, be the last one to leave the salon and therefor be the one closing the TV, the lamps etc. Even waking up for suhoor and fixing myself some food feels just like an everyday thing. Yes I do realize that all the things I mentioned are normal and very natural. But Iam me and I know how Iam and Iam just surprised, in a good way, how things feels natural for me now. Hamdella.

Now Iam going to continue watching a movie and later go to bed. If I fall asleep before its time for suhoor, I do hope I wake up for it.

I want to share this with you:D

I found it here, it's completly copy pasted okey!

""funny story about following sunnah.

There was this beautiful woman, who wanted to get married, but she wanted a very pious husband, so she said that she’ll marry the man who recites the whole Quran every single day, fasts for the whole year and stays awake and worships Allah all throughout the night.

She was a very beautiful woman, and a lot of suitors wanted to marry her, but they knew they couldn’t fulfil the conditions she set. Until this one man stepped forward and said he could fulfil them. So the Imam got both of them married.

After the first night of the marriage, the wife sees that the husband doesn’t recite the whole of the Quran, nor does he fast, nor does he stay awake in the worship of Allah, she decided to let it roll on for a few weeks to see if there were any changes, there weren’t, so she filed a complaint and asked for a divorce.

They are both taken in front of the judge, and the judge asked, ‘What were the conditions of the marriage?’ the man replied ‘They were for me to recite the whole Quran daily, keep fast for the whole year and to worship Allah all throughout the night.’

The Judge asked, ‘ did you fulfil them? The man calmly answered, ‘…yes.’

The judge answers, ‘you lie, your wife has said that you don’t, that’s why she’s asking for a divorce’.

But the man insisted that he had fulfilled the conditions, so the judge asked, ‘did you recite the full Quran everyday?’ The man answered yes. The Judge, baffled asked, ‘how? How can you do that?’ The man coolly answered, ‘I recite Surah Ikhlas three times a day and according to Prophet Muhammad (saw), reciting Surah Ikhlas three times is equivalent to reciting the whole Quran.’ The Judge was intrigued, so he asked, ‘how did you fast the whole year?’ The man answered, ‘ I fasted for the whole month of Ramadan, then kept another six fasts in the month of Shawwal, according to Prophet Muhammad (saw), keeping all of the fast of Ramadan then keeping six fasts in the month of Shawwal, is as if you have fasted for the whole year.’

The Judge remained silent, he couldn’t give a reply saying the man was wrong, so finally he asked, ‘ how did you stay awake all night and worship Allah, when your wife saw you sleeping?’ The Judge thought the man wouldn’t be able to answer this one, but the man, cool as a cucumber answered, ‘I prayed Salatul Isha with jamaat, then the next day prayed Salatul Fajr with jamaat, according to Prophet Muhammad (saw), the one who prays Salatul Isha and Salatul Fajr with jamaat, it is as if he had stayed up all night worshipping Allah.’

The Judge sat there looking at the man; the final verdict was about to be released…

He said to the man and his wife, ‘…go, just go, there is nothing wrong with this marriage’… ""


I slept 3 hours yey. In the morning I was woken by some kids waaaay to energized) Afterall it was just 8 oclock in the morning and I had been sleeping for 3 hours.... Well I stayed in bed till 11.30 but didn't get much sleep anyways.

So here Iam, with headache and stomachache. Just great!

12th of Ramadan

Today, or actually yesterday was an unusual day. I woke up at 9 and went back to sleep at 2 in the afternoon, slept for 2 hours then started to get ready for the charity dinner we were going too. The dentist appointment effected me, I got so tired. Well maybe the lack of sleep last night contributed to my sleepiness aswell;)
So we went to the charity event around 6.15. Abour one hour after we arrived, I heard the calling for pray, for the first time, LIVE. With the man calling for pray just in front of me. Subhanallah, it was magical. There were also a group of children performing songs about the prophet (saw) etc. That was just soooo wonderful. If there is anything more beautiful than a child's voice singing, oh please do tell. Mashallah.

I almost didn't eat anything since I was still feeling the painkiller injection. And I was also told to avoid coloured food. So I chosed to eat only white food. Which there were none of;) Well I ate a little bit more than that just because I had to.. And a couple of hours after I arrived home, I made myself some sandwiches and soon Iam going to eat a banana and drink water. And after that it's time for Quran-reading and then pray the morning pray and THEN going to sleep.

It was a pretty enjoyable day. Eventhough I couldn't eat properly, Iam pleased with how the day went and mostly about how my teeth looks LOL. All of you who got white teeths or at least teeths without miscoloured lines on them: be thankful;) Well, we should always be thankful for whatever we have and for what we don't have.

Love to you all! And peace!

september 01, 2009

It's going to be wonderful!!!

Yes it's going to be wonderful to be able to smile without feeling more or less ashamed. Last year I got my front tooth fixed in Sweden. A month afterwards the material they had used to fix the hole, got miscoloured. So ever since then I've been walking around looking as if I had food still on my teeth. Kinda. So today I went to finally get it exchanged to a better material that wont fall off or get miscoloured. And I fixed 2 other small holes.

The dentist were great hamdella. And did a good job. I didn't feel a thing(okey I felt some...) and it looks nice too:) Just hope it lasts, inshallah ya rabb.

I think I now know how it feels after getting botox injections in ur lips;)

11th of Ramadan

Iam sitting here and eating. I already ate one banana, Iam headed for the second one.
My head is aching terribly. But hopefully it will be just fine till tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am going to the dentist at 10 o'clock. Iam not so sure that I'll be able/allowed to fast. I don't think so, but it depends a little bit on what the dentist going to do. But anyway I have the intention to fast tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Wish me luck with my dentist appointment. Iam a little bit nervous, it's my first visit to a male dentist and if that wasn't enough he is also an arab. Iam sorry all you arabs but it's my first time having something "done" to me outside of my country. Iam a bit nervous about that. WHy do we Swedish believe that our medicine in our own country is better than abroad? Or do all people think the same way? Even though I've had my bad experience with Swedish medicine, it just feels much safer there...Well anywhooo it's not like Iam the first person he has ever worked on before:) Going to be weird...It's a he...I prefer females, but no females at this clinic. Or at least no female dentists, only assistents....

To something else, the message of Quran is just amazing subhanallah. I've read it all several times, but each time I discover something new. I guess it's due to where in life we are and in which situations we are handling.