oktober 16, 2009

I ate my way throu this day

Since I didn't have breakfast till around 11-11.30, except for some juice and chocolate, I had to make up for it somehow. For lunch I ate 2 portions of lubiye and rice(my kind of portions okey!) ½ pomegranate. For snack I ate 2 mini bananas equal to one:D For late late snack I ate one avocado and one apple. One after eachother of course. And now I'm drinking some more juice. I need to regain some power that I've lost during my sick days. I'm trying to build up my body so it won't get sick like this another time. I HATE being sick. I'm so not used to being totally knocked out and not being able to do anything. Not even able to smile:( I have been so tired. I'm still not 100% back to 'me'. But pretty close. But I won't rush anything, going to fast may kick me back where I've just been----->totally down under suffering from the flu. Don't want to go there again. To get the flu once a year or even 2 is acceptable, but not three times. I've already have the flu twice this year, so I guess I'm safe now? Inshallah.

Ye, I still have headache...


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