oktober 10, 2009

Two good news gave me a headache

I slept around 3.30 in the morning, same as yesterday. I had some terrible nightmares and woke up because of them around 7, and with the worst neck ache ever. I've probably been twisting around due to the nightmares and ended up in some weird position. 3 hours after I finally fell asleep the cellphone rang. It was my darling calling with some good news inshallah. Oh I miss him so much. Thanks for MSN and phones:) After our phonecall it was pretty impossible to fall asleep again, but finally I did. Just to be awaken 1 hour after that by harsh knocking on the bedroom door. "You've got a phonecall" Whaaat? I wonder who is calling me. I ask her who it is. She tells me it's from an office. An office??? I get nervous and the urge to get back to sleeps comes over me, but I get out of bed and drag myself out of the room to get to where the phone is. "Allooo!?" I say as a true wannabe arab speaking girl. "Is this *******?" Yes it is, I reply and ignore the fact that he just by adding the letter A to my name made it into a whole other name... Like 10 questions later we hang up. Obviously they are working on my visa. Hamdella w kheir inshallah.

So here Iam all alone at home. With typing that I realize that my plans for today amongst other things, was to play wii. But I've just ate breakfast so I don't want to weigh myself. My habit is always to weigh myself after bathroom visit and before breakfast. That way I think it will be most accurate. Hm, but then I realize that the last time I did a body test was when my husband were here and he n bro in law played wii. That was in the afternoon, and I had even ate dinner at that time. So no worries:)
I connected the wii and pushed the on-button, logged into my profile and started the bodytest. I did 2 bodytests as usual but they werent the same. So I did a third one which wasn't so very close to any of the first ones so I had to do a 4th one. The 4th one showed almost the same result as the 3rd one. So I guess that's accurate.
All of the 4 tests showed a weight of less than 60kgs. So happy with that:) Who cares about my ugly hairstyle now eh:P Well anyways, I didn't continue with any excercise because of the neck pain and plus I just got a headache aswell. Iam going to take a panadol and rest a bit... Wish you all a nice Saturday!

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  1. arent you married? if so you dont have to do a visa....you can apply for a resident card. and after 3 years you will become a citizen. that is what happened when my cousin married a foreign woman.

  2. ye i am. for resident i need my passport to last for at least 3 years. they refused since the exp date for my passport was 3 years -10 days