oktober 14, 2009


NOOOO I didn't wake up just now :D
I actually woke up at 8.30 but stayed in bed till 9 something :D
I was able to close laptop and lamps etc last night at 23.50 actually. I fell asleep almost immediately, but I woke up 40 minutes later of an itch in my throat. It took me about 2 hours to fall asleep again :S

So now it's about 4 oclock in the afternoon, I hope the evening comes soon because I'm sleepy...

My day so far:
Breakfast, 2 cheese sandwiches, tea, half 'granatäpple'
20 minutes after breakfast I took 1 panadol.
stomach ache after that....
took vitamins
puzzled for 2 hours
fixed some important things online
had lunch with parents-in-law
took shower
now relaxing a bit, surfing the net and listening to music

Iam doing my best not to fall asleep. If I sleep now I don't believe I'll wake up till around 8. And then I most definetely won't be able to fall asleep anytime before 12 midnight.

Maybe I'll have chocolate croissants for evening snack. Dear mother in law bought some for me in the morning. She got upset when she came home at 10 and found me already awake and with a huge breakfast already in my stomach, hehe. Just hope I get to put my hands on them before someone else does LOL. It's really like living at home with MY parents again with my sibblings. No way for 'saving things for later'. Eat it now or lose it. Hehe.

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