oktober 13, 2009

Goodmorning y'all

Okey it's almost evening now. Late afternoon. But if you don't sleep until 4 in the morning it's pretty noonish don't you think? At 4 that's when I fell asleep.... *sigh*

So today I'll only take one Cal-C-Vita since it contains caffeine, or was that the panadol? Well anyway Iam feeling much better today hamdella. I didn't even take any panadol today. My throat is still swallen but only on one of the sides) Hamdella.

New discoveries (for me) that I want to share with you:
If you get a bee sting, put a garlic piece on it, the juice helps a lot
If you have a sore throat gurgle several times a day with pure lemon juice

That's all for now:) I think Iam going to take a nap. I'm sleepy

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