oktober 15, 2009

Feeling great! Hungry, thirsty and with a twist of headache

Great start of the day don't you think? :P

I'm sitting here fully dressed to go out and full make up and I fixed my hair. Or well at least I combed it ;) Iam waiting for my mother in law, she is taking me to the doctor for a check up. I'm nervous for it because it's only my second time to go to the doc's here. And the reason I'm hungry and is because I haven't eaten for 14 hours. And ye I think the headache will disappear if I could just have something to drink. But I have to do the check up on an empty stomach. SO, I hope she comes home soon so we can go..

Other than that, I'm feeling better today. I slept last night at 12 and woke up 5.20. So at least 5 hours of continuous sleep:) Oh that's reminds me. Things that interrupts my sleep. Sometimes I forget that there is actually humans living here. All you hear are cars' related sounds. Actually the cars' honk. Is it honk? I'm not sure. But anyway, the people here use it to communicate. But all they wanna say anyway is: Get the hell out of my way!. I'm so tired of the sound!!!!!!! I hate it! All you people who communicate by throwing yourself on the car honk: Take a breath, have patience and whatever you do, DOOOOONT KEEP HONKING!!!!" Honking should be illegal. Hah, as if someone here around follow such laws anyways....*sigh*

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