oktober 05, 2009

To whoever it was who envied me for my scandinavian fine hair and put a spell on me.

Thank you so much for making me miserable.

The other day I went to the hairsalon to get the split ends cut off of my hair. Well it ended with a whole new hairstyle. One which I didn't wish for. And my demands wasn't taken into consideration. Damn you! Sorry, Iam just so upset. In 2 months I went from longhaired me to short hair me. I've gotten like 30 cms cut off my hair. You have to understand how upset Iam. Ye I know it's just hair, and you might think Iam silly getting this upset just because of a haircut. But believe me.... It's terrible. Iam so unhappy with it. I wish it would help to go to the hairsalon and fix it. But it can only get shorter and it's already too short... So I have to do the best of it and just hope it won't take long for it to grow out. Which I know it will. My hair grows superslow:(

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  1. Aww it's probably not as bad as you think! I ALWAYS think that about my new hairstyles i bet it looks nice :) Hairdressers might not follow ur orders but they know what looks good - u just need to get used to it maybe.