oktober 12, 2009

Feeling worse today

I didn't get much sleep last night. Maybe alltogether 2 hours. But I slept twice during the day instead. I just couldn't keep myself awake. Could hardly even stand on my two feet. Sooo weak. And I couldn't eat much either. Well later during the day I felt a little bit better, but the fever is back now even though I took 2 panadol 2 hours ago :(

Angepange: you're not updating why oh why?? I want to know what's happening with Jude, Faisal and Khalid!!!! So exciting :)

When I'll be rich (:p) I'll go and buy some books :) Iam so "thirsty" for sitting down with some candy or chocolate and read a good book from the beginning to the end, all after eachother. I believe that's how a book should be read:) By the way, as I wrote on friday, No chocolate on saturday: yes that was my goal and I achieved it. I didn't even eat chocolate today, no need to calculate the birthday cake for DBIL :)

Hm, what else can I say? Ye, I miss my mom, my dad and my sibblings and I just want to go home. It's scary being sick abroad. I am afraid to take medicines and maybe in this way Iam just making it worse for myself. But I don't really trust the pharmacies here. Sorry )))

2 kommentarer:

  1. awww.. i hope you feel better soon! and the pharmacies in Leb will give you anything! lool . durring the 2006 war they gave me valium for a headache...i slept for 3 days :S

  2. angie: seriously?!?!?! so iam not totally out of it when I say I don't trust the pharmacies over here. they all consider themselves as doctors....