oktober 11, 2009

The flu?!

Ye, I think that's what Iam developing. Unfortunately. I haven't been feeling good all day. I got a headache after breakfast and during the day I got a sore throat. Later in the evening I felt feverish. I have been feeling warm all day but I just thought that was due to the hot weather today. But I actually believe I got fever right now. So here I'm sitting feeling as if on fire. My forehead is pounding and the area around my eyes feels swallen. It's pounding in my ears(usually do that when I got a headache) My head doesn't ache as it usually does, it's more like I feel it's heavy and hard like a stone, from inside. Difficult to explain. But anyway the result of all this is: IAM NOT FEELING VERY WELL!

And tomorrow we are going to the mountains. I'm so not up for it. Especially not with a heavy head and a fever. But I hope it'll all be better until tomorrow..Inshallah.

Nighty night!

Btw I just found a dying mosquito on the bedcover. Thanks!!!!! Maybe I'll get a mosquito free night, since I already got a bite during the day, and one yesterday(on my toe, ewwww)

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