oktober 09, 2009

Me the instructor and supervisor

Yes and 2 sweeties were working for me. I told them what to do and they followed orders and it all turned out DELICIOUS!

Ye, I was in the kitchen today:) Actually I did the sallad all by myself. Tomato, parsley, lettuce, cucumber and some onion. Cut it all into pretty small pieces and add some mayo and lemon juice and move it around to let the juice and mayo marry eachother and smuther all their love on the vegetables. Ye what a lovely dish indeed:P And with this we patted and massaged in salt, cummin, black pepper, and lemon juice on a fish filé that was put in the oven for some heat:) Then my mother in law made some rice n fish dish.

I kept myself to my sallad and fish. Don't like when the dish actually tastes fish. Strange eh? :P
My brother in law sat all through dinner saying: mmmm oooh mmmmmmmmm oooh mmmmm"
I'm not really sure it was mmmm because it was tasty or what it was :P

I loved it anyways:)

I got a compliment today, not just for the food I mean, but another one. It made me feel shy, but also happy:) It was a compliment straight from the blue and nothing I expected to receive. Thank God for everything and for bringing these people to my life. Or actually bringing me to their life:P

Goodnight, it's 3.10 at night/morning.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Update: Thanks sis for the correct spelling of parsley:D

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