oktober 10, 2009

An ordinary friday

Woke up, had breakfast: 2 cheese sandwiches and one egg+tea. 2 hours later lunch/dinner: a piece of fish filé and tabbouleh. 2 glasses of mango juice, one banana, 2 twix.
Interesting right?
I suspect my body being out of balance. I think it's because of all the sugar I eat everyday.
Goal for tomorrow: NO CHOCOLATE!

Tomorrow I might play wii, yey, since my parents in law are leaving in the noon and I decided to stay home. I might actually be able to get some alone time in the house:) I don't expect good news about my weight though. I feel fluffy and fat. But it may only be because I haven't excercised in a while. Maybe I still weigh closer to 60 than 65. I sure hope so:)

One day I need to invest in some new trousers. They just don't look as good on me anymore. I have lost 10 kgs since I bought these trousers. I need some new ones:) Well Im not into going shopping, so who knows when Iam going to buy them....

Now: time to go to sleep. Goodnight and have a nice day tomorrow<3

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