september 16, 2009

26th of Ramadan

Say whaaaat!?!?!?!?! 26 days of Ramadan has soon passed by. I must admit that I haven't succeeded reaching my goals. But I have still some days left. But I have almost 30% left of the message of the Holy Quran... How am I going to finish that in 3-4 days? Hmmmm.... If I don't succeed, it will be the FIRST Ramadan since 2000(that's the year I became a muslim officially) that I didn't read the whole Quran.... Sad:( I'll try to make it. It's not over till it's over, right?

Yesterday we ate lahm biajin(or however its spelled) it means basically: meat in dough. It's tasty:) I ate one, and a half a plate of sallad. And 2 dates, and a bowl of lental soup. Or I guess it was beans...Anyway. Yesterday I had pea soup. It was supertasty. It reminded me of Sweden:) Actually we were also served fish and bbq chicken pieces. But I ate dates, soup, sallad and one lahm biajin. Not a lot. But enough:) I was asked if I wanted Pepsi. I said no thanks, later. Planning on drinking a glass of it with my suhoor. Since I know that I'd be eating a snickers. Chocolate and the black poisined water is so tasty together:) But I've already ate suhoor, and I forgot to put Pepsi. Well I guess that's for the better. Since I ate also a doughnut for suhoor.. Hmmm. So 2 doughnouts for me. No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to gain weight again:)

On saturday we are invited to a restaurant for iftar. I guess it will be the last day of fasting. Or maybe Sunday, anyway, Iam looking forward to it and I hope they serve tasty food. The restaurant is near "our" mountain house, so I'll be wearing a jacket, trousers, long sleeve blouse and socks and hopefully a "blanket" too:)

Mmmmm....Yesterday I helped my brother in law with the puzzle and ye I actually helped. Helped as in connected like 50 pieces:) Just about 2900 left... Oooouf!!!!
Now it's 4 oclock here and Iam bored, no one has updated their blog... Iam searching for new blogs but not finding any interesting, do you know of one? The morning pray isn't till 5 oclock. That's another hour.. Must....Not.....Fall.....A.....S....L...E...E...P..........................................

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