september 01, 2009

11th of Ramadan

Iam sitting here and eating. I already ate one banana, Iam headed for the second one.
My head is aching terribly. But hopefully it will be just fine till tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am going to the dentist at 10 o'clock. Iam not so sure that I'll be able/allowed to fast. I don't think so, but it depends a little bit on what the dentist going to do. But anyway I have the intention to fast tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Wish me luck with my dentist appointment. Iam a little bit nervous, it's my first visit to a male dentist and if that wasn't enough he is also an arab. Iam sorry all you arabs but it's my first time having something "done" to me outside of my country. Iam a bit nervous about that. WHy do we Swedish believe that our medicine in our own country is better than abroad? Or do all people think the same way? Even though I've had my bad experience with Swedish medicine, it just feels much safer there...Well anywhooo it's not like Iam the first person he has ever worked on before:) Going to be weird...It's a he...I prefer females, but no females at this clinic. Or at least no female dentists, only assistents....

To something else, the message of Quran is just amazing subhanallah. I've read it all several times, but each time I discover something new. I guess it's due to where in life we are and in which situations we are handling.

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