september 04, 2009

Unwanted guests.... Updated!

I was relaxing on the sofa all by myself, minding my own business and watching tv. I was very pleased for the lack of mosquitos tonight. Suddenly I see something moving near the door of the bookcase. What was that?!?! When I looked again to see if it really was something there or it was just my mind playing me I saw nothing. I continued watching TV. After a few seconds I see, in the corner of my eye, again something moving. OH MY GOD!! What was that? Is there a ghost living in the bookcase coming to haunt me? (ye i know, too many scary movies;)) I keep looking even if I see nothing but the bookcase. But wait a minute......What?! What is that? A black line is moving..What the *** is that?! I see another black line just beside it...WHaaaat!? Those two black lines were like 4 cm each! Creeped out by the fact that this is probably a cockroach I run to the kitchen to get the bug spray. When I come back the bug is nowhere to find. I move the sofa, check underneath it, I look inside the bookcase, no trace of the bug. And Iam too creeped out to actually move the things around which are in the bookcase, to check maybe the bug is hiding behind it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew this was the worse experience so far. Still we have a HUGE cockroach in the home!! Iam scared! It was so big, it could probably eat me if it wanted to. Ye, if I gave it a knife and fork it might be able to eat me all. It was huge, Iam not even exagerating. I tried to take a picture of the two black lines, but the stupid camera didn't work. Two lines-tentacles!

So today I've met HUGE creepy cockroach and it's friends the earwigs(???) that were on the bathroom floor. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew I don't like bugs:( Iam sure I am going to have nightmares about bugs...The movies I've been watching doesn't even feel scary to me anymore....

Much bigger than this one and much uglier too!!!!!!!!!!!

*Must remember:

to tell the maid in the morning to go for a bug chase, starting inside the bookcase. Probably with me standing on the sofa*

updated: the chase on the bug continues. We didn't find it today so it probably continued it's visit somewhere else in the home. The maid also informed me that the other night she felt a cockroach on her head LOL. Poor maid. But she said it and was smiling and laughing so I guess she doesn't care.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Oh I hate water bugs. One time in the Middle East one crawled on me while I was asleep, boy did I scream lol. And you have a maid? How lucky mashAllah!

  2. ok...the freakiest thing about the roaches in Lebanon....they fly. very scarey!

  3. Yep the scariest thing about these mutated cockroaches is that they fly. They're huuuuge! It's because it's warm all year that they don't die but grow and grow. Yuck!

  4. my getaway: aaaaaaaah while u were sleeping? oh my!!!! poor you:) well its not actually my maid..iam currently staying with my parents-in-law so its their maid. id prefer being without one:) okey at least until i got a big house and kids and not enough time and strenght to clean and cock by myself:D
    Angie nader: noooo dont tell me that!!! can they fly? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    jaz: :( flying too huh? :@ creepy flying ugly bugs!

  5. you havent seen the flying ones yet? your lucky then!