september 04, 2009


We did some shopping when we were in Turkey last month. Actually my husband did the shopping and I was mostly trying the clothes that he suggested and that I also agreed on. Some of them we bought, some of them got rejected(by me). It's so nice to put on those specific clothes. Because it reminds me of the time we had in Turkey and the fun we had going shopping.
Awww I miss him so much......

3 kommentarer:

  1. its the first time i hear that the husband do the shopping and the wife just try/accept/reject the clothes...
    lucky u:)

  2. i wish i could get my husband to shop.

  3. LOL
    @batikha: well my husband is one of a kind;)
    and since I want to wear what he likes, he should suggest clothes to me not the other way around;)
    angie nader: well be careful what you wish for that's all I can say;););)