september 02, 2009

12th of Ramadan

Today, or actually yesterday was an unusual day. I woke up at 9 and went back to sleep at 2 in the afternoon, slept for 2 hours then started to get ready for the charity dinner we were going too. The dentist appointment effected me, I got so tired. Well maybe the lack of sleep last night contributed to my sleepiness aswell;)
So we went to the charity event around 6.15. Abour one hour after we arrived, I heard the calling for pray, for the first time, LIVE. With the man calling for pray just in front of me. Subhanallah, it was magical. There were also a group of children performing songs about the prophet (saw) etc. That was just soooo wonderful. If there is anything more beautiful than a child's voice singing, oh please do tell. Mashallah.

I almost didn't eat anything since I was still feeling the painkiller injection. And I was also told to avoid coloured food. So I chosed to eat only white food. Which there were none of;) Well I ate a little bit more than that just because I had to.. And a couple of hours after I arrived home, I made myself some sandwiches and soon Iam going to eat a banana and drink water. And after that it's time for Quran-reading and then pray the morning pray and THEN going to sleep.

It was a pretty enjoyable day. Eventhough I couldn't eat properly, Iam pleased with how the day went and mostly about how my teeth looks LOL. All of you who got white teeths or at least teeths without miscoloured lines on them: be thankful;) Well, we should always be thankful for whatever we have and for what we don't have.

Love to you all! And peace!

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