september 15, 2009

24th of Ramadan

Today we went on an event for iftar. The place where it was held was a ballroom and the decoration was amazing. If my wedding were to be held indoors I'd love for it to be there. So classy, so romantic so beautiful. But I've already had my wedding and it was perfect!! So moving on:)

The food was really great. Mezze was served, you know those small dishes of everything you can imagine. They served 3 main meals, one was with fish, another with chicken, and the last one was sheep and moghrabiyeh. Of course I ate the one with chicken. But without chicken. Don't ask me why. As soon as it ended me and my brother in law left. He invited me for ice-cream. That was sweet of him, as sweet as the icecream:) I chosed dark chocolate+strawberry icecream with chocolate chips and gummybears. Ye they mix it in the icecream:) It was tasty, but I advise you NOT to put gummybears in the ice cream because when they get cold, they are so hard to chew. I wish I chosed Kitkat crunches instead:)

When we came home, me and brother in law sat down and tried to connect some pieces of the puzzle. I succeeded with 7 pieces...Oooouf it's so difficult now in the beginning.

Life is passing by and not much is happening. Still standing and stamping in the same place. Kinda....

Just a reflection: doesn't people know that it's bad to smoke ciggarettes? Doesn't people care how it looks when they are wearing a veil holding and sucking on a ciggarette? It just looks soooo wrong!!!! As if a halfnaked woman would be walking around with a Quran in her hand..I hate ciggarette smoke, and think it is very selfish of people to force us non-smokers to be passive smokers. SELFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why isn't it prohibited to smoke in-doors? Oh well it's Lebanon, what do I expect? It's not their fault that they got a million more important stuff to think about and to rule about then a silly law against smoking in public spaces.....

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