september 15, 2009

25th of Ramadan

I've just had a cheese sandwich. Dry dry dry dry since Iam not putting butter or jam. Only cheese and the bread. Mmmm I'd like to put some nutella... Mmmm but that will be SOOOO unhealthy and I'll be eating the rest of the nutella remaining in the jar in one day. Is there anything tastier than nutella? And it fits with everything. Especially chips. Ye I know, but don't say it isn't tasty until you try it.

Today I don't know where we are going to eat. I heard something about eating outside but I hope we are going to eat at home. Iam not in the mood to go out again and just hoping the food that will be served will be tasty. At home at least I can have some input:)

Now Iam going to continue reading your blogs, which I hope some of you updated since I checked last time, then Iam going to pray fajr and sleeeeeeep. Iam not sleepy yet, but I do wish to have sleeping hours as a normal person....

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