september 09, 2009

I just don't fit in! And I don't care!!!

I dislike going to the hairdresser here. They ask me if I want some volume. "No, thanks, it's fine like this. Or I'll fix it by myself at home" (I know how they fix volume here, 1 m high and with half of my hair fallen off). But last time I let him fix it anyways since I was going to an event.

And, did he pull for his life? Yes!
Did it feel as if my sculp were going to be pulled off? YES!
Could I brush my hair the next day? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iam just going to NOT try to fit in. My hair is straight, soft, smooth, fine(as in thin) and it's not normal with volume in this kind of hair. Leave my scandinavian hair alone!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I wish I had nice scandinavian hair :(

  2. natural hair is the best! i never did anything to my hair, till after i got mother in law insisted on taking me to her hairsylist...and my husband told me from the begening to let his mother get my hair done how she asked ...i did, i was adventurous....well my dark brown hair...had those horriable red/pink highlights that made the rounds in beirut.... it sucked. never again :(

  3. Jaz: well im sure if thats what ur wish is that u have everything a scandinavian hair owner wants too. we always want what we dont have right?:)
    angie nader: poor poor you!
    ive done a lot to my hair. ive had it blond, brown, black, red etc. but i would NEVER let anyone decide over my hair color!))) to scared LOL now iam trying to let my hair grow out with its natural color instead of the bleechy orange/yellow color it has now...:S