september 09, 2009

19th of Ramadan

Again Iam sitting here...With the poisoined water..Ye that's coke. Or actually Iam drinking Pepsi. Or actually I've just emptied the glass. It wasn't even tasty, but yet I had to drink it all up. I also had a Kitkat. Well you have to have Coke or Pepsi when you eat Kitkat. And also when you eat snickers or chips or peanuts.

I was thinking about maids earlier today. I don't feel comfortable with a maid. I don't know why exactly, maybe because Iam not grown up with one? Or just because it feels strange having a person outside of the family living with us? Well if one day I need a maid and can afford one, I'd still want my children to do some things by themselves. I don't want my children to grow up and get everything served and done for them. They should be able to put their laundry clothes in the laundry bin, leave the bathroom as it was before they took a shower etc. Small things, easy things that doesn't even take any time. I don't want my children to grow up and not being able to do anything except eating, drinking and sleeping. What if they grow up all their life being spoiled doing nothing at home, when they'll move out they are going to expect their partner to do everything for them. Unless they get a maid too. I don't want spoiled bratty children...
I am not saying that people who have a maid are spoiled or to stupid to put their laundry in the laundry bin..But some people who grow up getting pampered this way get the wrong idea about life. (It's not only about maids, some children get so pampered by their parents too)And when they get married they just going to expect their partner to spoil them the same way. Turn their partners into their maid...

For God's sake, my mom put up a sign on the door in our home that said: "Your mom doesn't work here, clean up your mess!"
We laughed and made jokes about it, but we knew it was true. We had to take responsibility for the household aswell. And we turned out okey.

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