september 11, 2009

21st of Ramadan

It's almost 4 oclock over here. It's quiet outside. Actually it's quiet in the whole house. Not a sound can be heard. Or... The only 2 things are me tapping on the keyboard and the AC in my room.

Yesterday my parents in law were here. We ate wonderful tasty stuffed zucchinis/minisquash. I love them!!!! I could eat them everyday. But then again, I wouldn't be able to eat them for years afterwards. I mean you get tired of eating the same thing day after day after a while;)

I just ate a small sandwich with turkey and I filled a bottle with cold water. I have to check how much water Iam drinking a day. Before I had such control and knew exactly how much I was drinking a day. But now when Iam fasting, it's so hard to keep track of that, besides I don't have much time to drink as I use to or as much as I should.

Tomorrow, well actually it's today))) I'll be helping my brother in law with the puzzle he bought, inshallah. He is funny, he bought a puzzle of 3000 pieces. A puzzle with a motive with only one color. Kind of. It's so difficult!!!! Oh well, it'll be nice spending some time with him. Even if we aren't speaking a lot to eachother we really feel close. It's pretty funny that I have a better/closer relation with my brother in law than with my sister in law. It's interesting how I always get a better contact with persons of the opposite sex. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. Being friends with a girl always involved competing some how. In beauty or whatever. Except for with my best friend. We just clicked. Slowly but firmly:) I love you J!

Later today we'll be going up to the mountain and won't be home till Sunday evening inshallah.
We will be breaking the fast with my husband's uncle+wife, husband's cousin+husband+kids, sister in law and her family aswell. Waw, almost the whole family:P It's going to be nice. I just wish my husband was going to be with us....

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  1. hey sis, just wanting 2 tell you that i also have a puzzle here back home that could use some assistance. ;). never in my mind i could have guessed that you like that kind off thing. sis, i miss u sooooooo. i wish u where here but at the same time i dont. i know it may sound strange so i better explain myself.... i know that you wouldnt feel happy all the way trough 2 your heart if u where still living here in höganäs. well maybe if your husband, like a miracle, got a job here and you did start a life here together. (like thats ever gonna happen) the thing is i just wanted u 2 know that even thou im sad, really heartbreaking sad about that youre not here, i fully understand and can see in my heart that you are better off not living here. i love you sooooo much and i strongly belive that in short period off time you can sit and have breakfast togheter with the big love off your life. im happy for you but oh yeah today is a day that missing u feels really horrible. i love you

  2. strange huh, i wrote 2 u in english and on your english blog.... some times its alot easier 2 find the right words in a diffrent language then in swedish. my spelling is terrible but what can u expect of a girl who slept 3 hours and has 2 go 2 work now.. oh nooo it starting 2 get a little hectic.... im soon 2 be late gaaaaaaaaaah

  3. inspironessan dear sis!!: ye well, it's not that I haven't had the interest of it, it's just that I've been to busy with other "stuff" for the last almost 10 years. Btw, I didn't help him because I woke up like 2 hours before he came, and when he came we just arranged our things and left the home:)
    thanks for ur comments. it means a lot to me. i love you forever and always and there isn't a day that goes by without me thinking of you. I wish I'll be able to see you soon IRL. POK<3