september 17, 2009

27th of Ramadan

Yesterday we went to a restaurant for iftar. I wasn't in the mood at all and didn't want to go. But dear mother in law insisted so I went anyway. I got 30 minutes to get ready. That was more than enough. Ye, well I don't need much time to get ready since Iam already beautiful. You know Iam joking right? Kinda:P

(We should all think of ourselves as beautiful and don't be like in my homecountry where it's almost "bad manners" to be proud of who you are or how you look like. Of course it shouldn't get out of hand, but we should feel good about ourselves, it's really important. Well moving on. )

So after finally finding a place to park the car, we had to walk for like 10 minutes. And poor me, I was wearing heals!!! Aotch my feet. I sooooo wanted to get in and sit down asap. When we finally did find our seats and relaxed for a while suddenly everyone starts clapping and standing up. What's going on what's going on I thought to myself. Who is coming??
Well the one and only Saad Hariri! Iam not so easily impressed of either presidents or other celebrities, but if I'd say that I didn't feel glad he was there I would be lying. Why was I happy to see him there? Well because I know lots of other people would've LOVED to be there. So I have to enjoy it for them who weren't. Right?

He spoke for about 15 minutes or maybe more:) I didn't understand everything he said, but he talked a lot about the lebanese peoples dream about Lebanon. Lebanon as it used to be, or how it should be. Calm and peaceful. And for it to be the country all people want to come to and enjoy their vacation and so on. The country that has electricity, water, schools etc working PROPERLY. He also spoke about the palestinians. How we mustn't forget about them. And let them always know that we are supporting them as our brothers and sisters. Mr. Hariri said much more things but I didn't have anyone to translate for me so what I mentioned is the things that I understood and felt the urge to write about.

Wish you all a nice day even if you don't meet any presidents:P

My suhoor today: 1 bounty, 1 muffin and one glass of Pepsi. Superhealthy............

2 kommentarer:

  1. i looove Saad Hariri!
    lucky you!

  2. angie nader: well there you go! i was sure someone gna think that:) but tell me, why do you love Saad Hariri?