september 10, 2009

20th of Ramadan

Iam so tired, my body just feels as some cloth on a hanger..Floating here and floating there.
Iam being told to sleep at night and not during the day. Ye well, they might be right. But I have tried that before and I still remain so tired...
Just 10 more days and I'll be sleeping at night inshallah.
Now my dear mother in law is fixing in the kitchen..I gonna go and ask if she needs help. Maybe she accepts...
Soon it's time to break the fast. I can't want. My brother in law brought us cake!!! Yey:P

2 kommentarer:

  1. Honey! I know how you feel! I am too so very very tired!! I sleep every day on the bus on my way home from work and again an hour when I come home! And still I have no trouble to sleep at night! I am really starting to feel the fasting in my whole body!

  2. Cecilia: may Allah reward you for your fasting inshallah.
    the only problem is that I usually feel the same all year around even when it's not Ramadan. Something must be wrong, but till now we haven't discovered something.
    hope you're regain some strenght and energy soon. Take care of yourself!