september 09, 2009

I should feel ashamed of myself!

And yes I do.
My sleeping habits have just been crazy for the last couple of years. And I have been so tired for so long I can't even remember when it started. But it's at least 10 years ago. I think more likely 15 than 10 actually...
Nowadays Iam going to bed around 5 in the morning and stay asleep till 2 oclock in the afternoon. That's just so wrong! But it feels so good to eat suhoor and pray fajr before I go to sleep.....
The bad thing is that the whole world (including my in-laws)and outside my window wakes up at 7-8 in the morning. And usually the sounds wakes me up. So that gives me 2 hours of continuous sleep. ONLY! That's not good. Maybe a reason for me being so tired? Well.... I don't like it. I want to go to bed at 22-22.30 and sleep till 7 or so in the morning and just feel so good and energized during the rest of the day. Will that ever happen?

2 kommentarer:

  1. when u have a child...and they have school, you will :)

  2. well hopefully I'll be having a job to go to:) inshallah