september 04, 2009

Wii owii

I played wii today. Mostly just to check my weight. It's been a week ago since I played. I remembered to check the settings of my profile today. I noticed that my lenght has been saved as 2 cms shorter than Iam. That gives me a higher BMI. So I fixed it now and my BMI is around 22.3 instead of 22.8:D But my weight is pretty much the same. Between 60 and 61. Since the body test gives me different results from each test I decided to use the 3 that were closest to eachother and those gave me a BMI of 22.30-22.33. I also got it to be at 22.15. But I guess that's not accurate:) Unfortunately;) Maybe next week.

Iam not feeling too well today so I only played for 20 minutes, took a shower and took panodil. Oh by the way, it's not called panodil here, it's Panadol. Maybe it's just called panodil in sweden?

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