september 08, 2009

******Always remember*****

Always remember that every person you meet thru your life, they also meet you. And whatever impact you've made on them, they may remember it all their life. If it was a bad impact they may suffer from it everyday for the rest of their lives. If it was a good impact they will remember it too.

Remember that what happens to us thru our lives shapes us. Bad or good. What happened in our lives made us who we are. But only we ourselves are the ones who can decide HOW we should let ourselves be shaped. Should we make our experience our weakness or our strenght? This decision will also be based on how we were raised, and more importantly on who we are deep down inside.

I don't believe that all of us IF we had the exact same upbringing, experiences and people around us that we would end up having the same personality and character. Eventhough this is an experiment impossible to go through, Iam pretty sure Iam accurate.

God made us, he gave us strenght and weakness. It's up to us how we are going to use them.

Be nice to the people you meet. Everyday. Even just smiling at someone in the street may be a huge thing for that person.

Think of who you are and what you are doing and who you want to be.

Display yourself in the way that show's ur real true self. I believe that everyone are good deep inside. I might be naive, but I don't care.

I believe that every person have a good heart, at least to begin with....

So PLEASE, think of who you are and how you treat people.

If you think your children and grandchildren one day deserve to have nice good people around them, think of how you are treating the people living today. Because they are the ones raising your future childrens schoolmates, friends etc.

Also remember: It's never too late to make a change!

Think before you act that's all I got to say!

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  1. masha'allah sis such lovely words

  2. Skye: thanks. it's really important for us to think about this. important for all of us. so many people forget what impact we can have on others. so many people forget how a bad attitude can effect the other... they just forgot to think about the other and are just thinking about themselves. thanks for ur comment, sis.