november 04, 2009

The day so far

Pasta drowned in tomato sauce which I've been boiling for a whole hour with 2 garlic pieces, so we are for sure going to smell supersexy the rest of the day.. I also chopped up the left-over chicken from yesterday and let it slide down into the sauce. Too bad we don't have basil at home, that would be such a great combination. Pasta, chicken/basil/tomato/garlic sauce. Yummi! But I don't expect us to feel so full after this lunch, but I made some extra sallad so I hope that'll be enough.

I've been taking it kind of easy today but still finished lots of things. Sweeping, mopping, laundry, dishes, cooking, blog and reading some blogs. And it's no even 1 oclock!

Iam going to continue now reading the blogs(not done yet), drink my strawberry/mango juice and then it's lunch time! Ye, I had to pour some juice up my belly was screaming for something. So in the choice between juice and kitkat, the juice won. At least today!

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