november 04, 2009

A list!!!

Today's outfit:
White jeans with a ---- top
Today's shower:
Today's hairstyle:
Straight bang and the rest curly
Today's big event:
MSN with my younger sister
Today's plan:
Shower 'n go out
Today's want to have:
Wii Fit
Today's longing:
Today's drug:
Today's most boring:
Today's most stupid:
That I keep pushing the off button on the remote control when I just want to turn off the volume....
Today's nicest:
MSN with sis *love*
Today's shopping:
Food at samurai
Today's sweets:
Kitkat chunky
Today's mood:
Today's sick:
Today's compliment:
I'm absolutely the best! Okey, not exactly that, but can't write the best compliment of the day, it's private :D
Today's love:
Pasta with tomato/garlic sauce. So simple but heavenly delicious
Today's happiness:
Waking up beside YOU
What's annoying you right now:
That Iam not able to see my newly updates and comments right a way
When did you wake up today:
Which of the times?? 2, 6 and finally 8.15
Did you sleep in your own bed tonight?:
I don't have my own bed. We share.

Did someone else sleep in your bed tonight?:
I just told you I don't have my OWN bed, how stupid you are!!!
Are you wearing socks right now:
What do you long for the most right now?:
Swedish summer actually

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