november 03, 2009

So healthy!

Milk and special cereals for breakfast. I remember when I tried to eat them for more than 6 months ago. I thought they tasted like cardboard, not that I have ever tasted one but my imagenation is good. And I know they still taste the same, but you get used to it. I hear they are healthy so I'll keep eating them.

I'm doing some laundry. The bathroom carpet is placed in a big bowl soaked with water and detergent and is waiting for its turn in the washing machine. I'll try to make it clean or else it should go meet with the other dirty things in the garbage container in the street. Why do you produce white bathroom carpets, or white carpets at all??? A stupid idea. Nothing mentioned about the people who buy those....

It's 10 o'clock and the chicken is lying for thaw(found it in the dictionary but I don't know how to use the word)
Dinner will be chicken and my "famous" potato and sallad. We still don't have any rice. Mmmmm I miss eating rice, it's my favorite. I want to make chickensoup(yes I have to have rice in it) and I want to cook normal ordinary yummi rice. Oooooh how much I love rice, it's ridiculous. But the love for rice only goes to Basmati. Okey and sometimes jasmin rice is acceptable too. But basmati rice is preferable.

It feels as if this is going to be a pretty good day. Iam feeling relatively alert and I would like to take the curtains down for washing. But they are put so highly and I can't reach without standing on some high chair/ladder, which we don't have.

Hope you all will have a nice day inshallah!

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