november 23, 2009

Will the neighbours come banging on my door?

Well Iam cooking "italian meatballs and tomato creme sauce" the house smells as much garlic as possible. I think I have to open the windows to let some of the smell out. But then will all the people nearby come banging on my door wanting my food? At least I think the people around here like garlic... Hm...

What about you? Is garlic in the food a "YES!!!" or a big "NO NO!"???

2 kommentarer:

  1. yessss!!!!
    garlic is the best...just no kissing after..haha

  2. angie nader: hehehe! kissing after eating cooked garlic is fine by me, IF both ate garlic:D but people who ate onion or garlic and burps that makes me wanna run out of the room! so disgusting, burping overall is a BIG NO NO!