november 02, 2009

Thoughts on a Monday afternoon

****** my post disappeared due to fail of connection..........................

Well, I was just saying I'm waiting to eat lunch. I'm pretty hungry :D About an hour ago I finished cleaning. Almost usual time even if I fell asleep on the sofa just after breakfast. I was so tired, I guess I needed some extra rest. It's fine, I know the reason of the tiredness :)

Do you realize it's already November??? And that the year of 2009 almost has come to its' end??? Subhanallah time flies by! Well not always, only when you're busy with doing things and not just sitting around doing nothing waiting for life to happen...... Hamdella

2 kommentarer:

  1. welcome seems u was realy busy for the past did that change happen so fast...
    anyway good luck

  2. batikha: thanks, but Iam the one that should be welcoming you back. Long time no comments ;) Well that's life. Sometimes nothing happens and other times everything happens in the same time, better get used to it ;)