november 05, 2009

Last night and yesterday

I woke up several times during the night. Had some weird feeling. Can't explain. But I had to lie down on the sofa instead. But I think I slept like 5 minutes after I lied down. Hehe

We have almost just finished breakfast, tea, Special K and milk. I missed my Nescafé :( We drank the last 2 yesterday. I've cleaned up, did the dishes and ironed some clothes. Funny, I only ironed clothes that aren't my own. I don't care for my own, they don't get so wrinkly and besides I'm just home anyway and I soon going to wash them all over again, so what's the point?

Now Iam soon to jump into the shower and freshen up and later we are going out. Yesterday when we were going out I didn't think about my jeans till I sat in the car. Ooops! I was supposed to bring them with me to change them for a smaller(wiho) size. But I guess I'll do that today instead:D

Yesterday I was taking some photos of myself. Ye, I tend to do that when I'm feeling bored. And because we don't have a whole body mirror, yet ;) I NEED ONE!! PLEASE ;) Well anyway, going through the photos I noticed that my white favorite jeans so DO NOT fit me anymore. That was tough:( I love those jeans! But now they just doesn't look nice on me anymore, so I better hide them deep in the closet some where and don't wear them anymore!

I realize I have to buy more trousers too. All of them just don't fit as they should. Well I have one pair that fits perfectly, well okey almost perfect anyway. But a girl needs more than one right? Yesterday when we went windowshopping I got so annoyed. They had 70% sales but it was still expensive :( Boring people who can't do a REAL sale!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we had dinner at a restaurant named Samurai or something like that. The food was NOT tasty. It was a total disappointment for both of us. But today is a new day and we are planning on eating out again. So another restaurant and another meal and probably another taste :D I hope we'll find something delicious I'm really hungry!

A tip(this is what we usually do): Order one plate of sallad and one plate of a meal of your choice. In this way you'll get a good load of fresh vegetables and cooked food in the same time. Other times we just order 2 different meals of whatever we want and share. In this way we get to taste 2 different meals :) Supersmart :P

Okey, that's all for now, Have a nice day! I'm out!

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  1. thanks for the idea! me and my husband always order appitizers, salad then the time the meal arrives were full!

  2. angie: you're welcome :) ouf appetizers, sallad and THEN the meal?? no wonder you're already full by the time the meal arrives :D