november 25, 2009

Sugar and caffein kick

Yes that's what I need right now in the late afternoon, and that's exactly what I'm taking. Maxwell house 3 in 1(yumiiiiiiiii) and digestive biscuits with nutella on.. Ehm, that nutella is still evil!!!

I cooked a dish today with potato, onion, meat, crushed tomato, creme fraiche and spiced with curry, pepper and salt. Served with rice and sallad of course. The meal was appreciated and praised. LOL, if you never get praised for your cooking try the following. Cook a really yucky meal and serve it for 2 days in a row(or more) and then cook whatever you usually do. I promise you it'll be appreciated ;)

It's important to try out some new recipes now and then, everyday haha. You should not be afraid of trying new things. WHAT! Did I actually write that? Hahaha, it's funny how someone change a little bit from day to day and then a year or two has passed and the difference is huge.
Oh isn't life wonderful? I'm so happy finally living in my OWN house, flat. My all own cute home. Mmmm, ops that's right OUR home :D

Oh well, now I'll get back to my nutella biscuits and finish drinking my 3 in 1 caffein boost before it gets too cold. I hope you're all having a nice day!

What's your afternoon snack?

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  1. i used to drink the 3 in 1 nescafe..i never tasted the maxwell one. i had a granola bar and earl grey tea for my midday snack