december 23, 2009

Goodmorning y'all

So 8 hours sleep are NOT enough for me. I need to sleeeeeeeeeeep... Zzzzzzzzzz so exhausted...

Well I've had my cup of nescafe so I should get a bit more alert any time soon, or so I hope.

Today I have lots of homework to do. Not actual homework as you get when you are studying, but home work. Work in the home. Really funny things. Like ironing.......

And yes Iam going to do chicken today. But since we don't have things for mograbieh (as if I know how to do it haha) and I don't like molokhiye it's just going to be a chicken n potato spiced with curry and served with rice.

I can't believe it's wednesday already. Tomorrow it's weekend here yey. Tomorrow we are going out to eat, YEEY :D That reminds me, I have to wash the bedsheets today :)

Okey, I better get started... Wish you a nice day!

3 kommentarer:

  1. fatima: haha jasså du e här osså ;) tack tack :)

  2. i'm making mograbeih for new years eve dinner....i'll put the recipe with pics on my blog for you :)