december 11, 2009

Did you miss me?

Oh yeah, I'm back at home now. Our place is in real need of cleaning. Big time! But I am not going to do that today because we are going to enjoy the last day of holiday together. And we are planning to move the furnitures around in the bedroom, so I guess it might be some cleaning afterall..
We've had a wonderful holiday with my family inlaw. Lots of tasty food and lost of lack of excercise resulted in a weight gain of 2 kgs during this last 2 weeks! That's not good!!! But Iam getting back to my good old  habits. Wii excercise for an hour, daily and kelloggs special for breakfast. During my stay at dear family inlaw, I requested 2 chocolate croissants everyday. LOOOL!

Today or maybe next week we are going to look/buy a winterjacket/coat for me. When we arrived 2 days ago it was 9 degrees outside. ONLY! But I'm hesitating a bit about the jacket... Do they really wear the jacket UNDER the abaya? I'm not really sure but that's what I expect. When we go out today shopping for groceries it'll be my mission to look for jacketwearing women ;)
I have some other posts to edit but I'll post them later. Probably not today.

I hope you all have had some nice days!

And by the way, I found vanilla sticks at the groceristore in Leb. Yeeeey, so next week I'll be doing my own vanillasugar.

2 kommentarer:

  1. welcome back! i love room re-arranging. it makes the room like a brand new place.
    glad your holiday went good...and you will kick those 2 killos in no time!

  2. angie: thanks dear. ye i love it too! (un)fortunately we didnt have time to do it because we were out almost all the day. but we are planning to do it on thursday instead.. thanks for the confidence about kicking those kilos :D